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CJ Julian

May 25, 2020

Online Multiplayer with Friends Not Working

I'm trying to host a 4 person pong tournament, but when I try and play pong 2 with my friend, it doesn't work. I go to Online Multiplayer, Casual, set the room name and click Change Room, and then Play. Sometimes when I do this, it says "Waiting for opponent," while other times it says "Click to begin," and I am pretty sure it's supposed to say waiting for opponent. Then my friend follows the same steps and the same two messages pop up, "Waiting for opponent" or "Click to begin," when I think it should be saying "Waiting for Host to Start." This means we aren't in the same game, so can you help? Thanks!


Jan 23, 2020


the game will not let me play it i don't know why please answer this

Viswesh Banda

Sep 9, 2019


I cant uninstall it help

Mare Zoutenbier

Jun 20, 2019


I can't delete it

RBLX St4rBl1tz (Blamo 756GD)

May 12, 2019


the paddles dont work :(n

Ethan Baker

Apr 14, 2019

pong 2

I cant delete it

A Chrome Web Store user

Feb 1, 2019

pong 2

i cant delete it

A Chrome Web Store user

May 3, 2018

Now a website

Does the website work offline? If it doesn't, then you just made the opposite of an upgrade.
My school installed Securly, and it may eventually block this game!

A Chrome Web Store user

Apr 27, 2017

Not loading

When I run the app the game just stays black and doesn't load? Any suggestions?

Cool Dude

Sep 7, 2016


How can you disable fullscreen on this particular app there doesn't seem to be an option to disable full screen.

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