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Jun 26, 2023

when you click free writing, it does not open

Thank you for providing the great app.
I tried to open free writing, it opens a black blank page, unable to write on. Seems like a glitch or error. I wish it can be looked into. Thank you.


May 8, 2023

How to modify or delet my entries?

I accidentally hit enter triple times but my journals weren't complete yet.
Instead of adding a new prompt, how can I modify or delete the old ones. :(

tammy peace

Jun 22, 2022

delete words

how to delete words


May 21, 2022

Issue with the esxtension on my laptop

I have installed the chrome extension.But doesn't work.Every new tab is blank,without any icons in it.

Daniel Tan

Feb 3, 2022

Background not showing

A grey screen turn up..

XII A 03 Akshaya Ajayakumar

Jan 17, 2022


The background of the prompt page is completely grey and I am not able to see any themes


Jan 9, 2022

Ability to customize daily questions and number of questions asked?

The overview says there is the ability to customize daily questions and number of questions asked. However, there appears no way to customize the questions.. only choose the pre-written questions. How does one customise the daily questions?

Having the ability to customise categories would be an added bonus and improve the app immensely.


Dec 7, 2021

Ponder Login Issues

Hello! I have been using your Ponder Chrome extension for close to a year now. I want to say I absolutely love it and it has become apart of my morning routine for mental health purposes. Unfortunately, today I had to reset my laptop and when redoing my apps and extensions all over again I am unable to login to Ponder. Whenever I put my email address and password in it takes me to a page that says I couldn't log in. The same outcome happens when I uninstall and reinstall and change the password.
If I cannot use my email anymore that is fine! I just wanted to know if this isn't possible if there is a way I can get all of my previous entries?

Thank you so much!

Diego Handler

Mar 26, 2021

downloading entries

is it possible to download all the entries in bulk?

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