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Evan Sorenson

Jul 15, 2020

Putting Pomello into taskbar in upper right corner

Having the timer always covering up part of the screen is a nuisance. If users could have the option to have the timer shown in the upper right taskbar (where the wifi and time are shown) that would be a huge improvement. Clicking on the timer could open the usual interface, but otherwise it should just show the task or break status and the time left.

Cathy Guy

Oct 16, 2019

unable to connect

Having alot of trouble conneting to everything on my new laptop. Can anyone help a me<Total confusion. Help

Oleg Dolotov

May 31, 2018

Website and servers unavailable is unavailable and app is displaying servers connection errors

gustavo Savordelli

Jan 30, 2018

Portuguese Language

Portuguese Language

Rafael Ruiz

Jan 8, 2018

Complete task/Move Task removed

Why did you remove the complete task/move task option before the pomodoro ends?

Sometimes I need to complete a task before the end.

Is this a issue of win app?


A Chrome Web Store user

Sep 3, 2017

Freezing everything

I have just logged in after not using this for ages and it is linking to trello but it is awful. I cant get out of the login screen and the only way I can get out of this is by shutting my laptop down and restarting. Very annoying

Mrityunjay Kumar

Aug 10, 2017

Pomello Mac Desktop App Is Resource Hog

I was using Pomello Mac App inspite of Chrome Extension For Some time.

Few issues it has:

1. App file is more than 120 MB for such tiny features. Believe it is based on Electron hence

2. It uses a lot of memory, When I close it, it frees my 5.5 GB of RAM.

3. It drain my battery.

Well I love this app and I would like to use it. Chrome extension is of small size and less memory consuming. Keep on improving the extension also.


Johanz Neuz

Jul 7, 2017

Prompt to download new version

Hi there - I noticed that after I've installed the latest version of Pomello (version 0.8.2 for the MAC) the prompt to download the new version remains even after I've installed the latest version. Minor thing really but kind of annoying.

Edward Ko

May 11, 2017

I can not connect to Trello

All accounts are synchronized but the tasks are not visible

C Buczek

May 9, 2017

Cannot connect with trello

Worked for a day, then I get an error message that it cannot connect to trello. There is also a link for a new version of the app but it takes me to a website to download for windows, mac, or linux.

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