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Kit Brown-Watts

May 12, 2016

No longer gets the icon showing up

Have tried reinstalling, going to websites that definitely have it (and where this extension works on other people's browsers), but can't get it back!

Not sure if another extension I have is interfering with it.

Owen Corso

May 6, 2016

/deep/ is deprecated

JS Warning when using extension: polymer-ready.js:17 /deep/ combinator is deprecated. See for more details.

Gert Cuykens

Apr 2, 2016

Can you add the unregistered element check please?

This is the code from the bookmarklet how to do it.

javascript:(function()%7Bfunction isUnregisteredCustomElement(el)%7Bif(el.constructor%3D%3DHTMLElement)%7Bconsole.error(%27Found unregistered custom element:%27,el)%3Breturn true%3B%7Dreturn false%3B%7Dfunction isCustomEl(el)%7Breturn el.localName.indexOf(%27-%27)!%3D-1%7C%7Cel.getAttribute(%27is%27)%3B%7Dvar allCustomElements%3Ddocument.querySelectorAll(%27html /deep/ *%27) isCustomEl(el)%3B%7D)%3Bvar foundSome%3Dfalse%3Bfor(var i%3D0,el%3Bel%3DallCustomElements%5Bi%5D%3B%2B%2Bi)%7Bif(isUnregisteredCustomElement(el))%7BfoundSome%3Dtrue%3B%7D%7Dif(foundSome)%7Balert(%27Oops: found one or more unregistered custom elements in use! Check the console.%27)%3B%7Delse%7Balert(%27Good: All custom elements are registered :)%27)%3B%7D%7D)()%3B

J.W Wolthuis

Apr 15, 2015

It doesn't show up

I put Polymer to my apps but it wont show were it is


Mar 21, 2015

Icon not visible

With the extension enabled, when I visit some sites using Polymer, the icon beside the bookmark star is invisible. But when I click on the icon's "expected" location, it does show the elements used.

But it just a bit defeating the purpose. ;)

Наиль Гимаев (МДО. Ведущий разработчик)

Feb 4, 2015

<template> is not x-tag/template

recognized as

Google apps