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Trust what you read! The only AI Detection extension that verifies the authenticity and credibility of digital content.

Trust what you read! The only AI-powered extension that verifies the authenticity and credibility of digital content, helping individuals, creators, educators, and businesses to experience and maintain a safer online environment. Get your own AI-powered Content Detection Assistant and ensure reliable and trustworthy experiences across the web. Key Features: 🔍 AI Detection Add our extension to your Chrome in seconds and use Polygraf AI Detection to identify Human or AI-generated content in real-time, as you surf the web. 🕵️‍♂ Source Detection Polygraf AI Content Detection will tell you whether the content was artificially generated or enhanced, and which AI model created it. Our engine identifies most commercial and popular AI models. 🧍 Humanized Text Detection Origination, Reliability, and Trustworthiness are integral to the overall functionality of Polygraf AI Content Detection. Our extension can immediately tell you whether the content is original or has been altered by AI-powered humanizers, paraphrasers, or other tools. ✍️ Writing Style Analysis Our extension evaluates text on 6 parameters to explain why content has been identified as Human or AI-generated: - Perplexity: measures how easy it is to understand the text, with higher scores indicating more complex writing. - Readability: indicates the complexity of sentence structure, with higher values showing more complex constructions. - Vocabulary richness: reflects the diversity of words used, where higher percentages indicate a greater variety of vocabulary. - Syntactic tree depth: assesses the predictability of text with lower values implying easier prediction and possible AI generation. - Average sentence length: shows the typical number of words per sentence with longer sentences potentially indicating more complex ideas. - Average word length: represents the average length of words used with longer words often suggesting a higher vocabulary level. 👍 Benefits: Combat Misinformation & Deep Fake Content Whether you're an individual, content creator, or business, you can now verify the origin and reliability of content instantly. Aggregate Content Curate content from various sources with confidence. Filter out content that may not align with your platform's authenticity standards. Enable Academic Trustworthiness Validate the sources of information in academic papers and research studies, and uphold the integrity of scholarly work. Create Original Content Foster a culture of creativity within your organization by detecting unintentional content duplication. Protect your Brand Safeguard your brand's image by ensuring that user-generated content is genuine, enhancing consumer trust and loyalty. 💼 How does it work? Proprietary AI Protocols Our proprietary AI protocols have been meticulously trained on extensive human and AI-generated content, identifying patterns and nuances in text to distinguish between the two with remarkable precision. Real-time Detection Detects and verifies the origin of content in real-time, against multiple generative AI models. Probability Assessment Provides insights into content's origin, reliability, trustworthiness, and whether it's human or AI-generated, including identification of specific AI models used for generation. Forensic Linguistic Analysis Traces machine-generated text back to the source material used to train AI models with/without the original author’s consent. Intuitive Interface with In-Depth Analytics Easy-to-use dashboards and clear scores. Dive deep into potential matches with direct source links and similarity percentages. 😻 Who will love it? Individuals Identify misleading or artificially created information immediately and uncover sources of any online content. Content Creators Whether you’re a freelancer, blogger, or independent author, cross-check your work; ensure that content is original and free from unintentional similarities or borrowed phrases. Maintain the authenticity of shared content, preserve the integrity of online interactions and foster genuine human connections in your digital space. Educators Verify the authenticity of research papers, essays, and publications, ensuring that contributions are genuine human endeavors and not AI fabrications. Scrutinize student submissions, research papers, and academic articles, ensuring that the work stands on the pillars of originality and credibility. Publishers Discern genuine human narratives from machine-generated ones, and ensure that the content you produce and distribute is of the highest quality. eCommerce Ensure that product descriptions are genuine and that reviews are authentic human experiences, not AI-generated content. Bolster customer trust and ensure an authentic shopping experience. Enterprises Be certain of the authenticity of the information you receive, disseminate, and store. Sift through vast amounts of digital content, distinguishing genuine human insights from AI-generated or altered data in real-time.

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Michael GMay 16, 2024

Awesome app! Works amazing!

2 out of 2 found this helpful
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Polygraf EngineDeveloperMay 20, 2024

Thank you for your feedback, Michael.

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Hozozo HozoMay 16, 2024

The text in the login window of the extension is very hard to read + Google Log in doesn't work.

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Polygraf EngineDeveloperMay 20, 2024

We appreciate the feedback, but we can not retrieve any user name registered with your user name. Polygraf is not and will not be available for certain user groups, as such those based in US-embargoed countries. Additionally, Polygraf God mode analysis of this feedback shows that it is a translator bot-generated content. Meanwhile, the login page is made of email and password, there is not much to read there. Perhaps you are mixing Polygraf with another solution? We would be happy to assist you if you could reach us via: https://polygraf.ai/contact

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Jacob Silent NotaryMay 15, 2024

It works good, I just downloaded it, first try it works well. I'll do another review in a month. I would like to see how I can analyze documents too. Hope it is coming soon

3 out of 3 found this helpful
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Polygraf EngineDeveloperMay 20, 2024

Thank you for your feedback. We are working on the V2, document analysis is currently available for enterprise users, however, it is coming soon to the extension too.


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Polygraf AI Content Detection has disclosed the following information regarding the collection and usage of your data. More detailed information can be found in the developer's privacy policy.

Polygraf AI Content Detection handles the following:

Personally identifiable information
User activity
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This developer declares that your data is

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  • Not being used or transferred for purposes that are unrelated to the item's core functionality
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