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Easily generate unique email aliases for website signups to take control of your email privacy & security. Use your existing inbox.

Meet Polycred, the better way to sign up. Polycred allows you to stay safe and spam-free and is the simplest and most effective way to take control of your email inbox privacy and security. An increasing number of companies are selling your data and leaking your contact information, making your personal email address a primary target for hackers, identity thieves and advertisers. No matter how many times you block those frustrating spam emails, once your details have been sold or leaked online you'll continue to receive new spam emails indefinitely, forever remaining a target of cyber-criminals. Polycred is the modern solution to a classic problem. Instead of typing out your personal email address on a website email field, use the Polycred dropdown to instantly generate an email alias that is linked to the website. Polycred will automatically manage and fill email fields for you to make this even easier so you don't need to remember anything. When your email alias receives emails the email will appear in your personal email inbox, keeping your personal email address hidden from the website without affecting your regular email workflow. When replying to these emails from your personal inbox, Polycred will seamlessly relay the emails back to the original sender, maintaining your privacy at all times. The website you signed up to will never see your personal email address, only your email alias. If your alias starts receiving spam or is leaked online, you will instantly be able to determine which company is responsible for the misuse of your personal data, and you can disable or delete the alias with a single click, instantly and permanently stopping the entire chain of spammers and preventing any future spammers from ever reaching you. --------------------------------- Why does Polycred require browser permissions? As you may have noticed, Polycred requires the permission "Read and change your data on the websites you visit". This permission is required so that Polycred can insert the dropdown button onto the email fields of the websites you visit. Clipboard access is also granted so you can easily copy email aliases. Polycred does not monitor, log or transmit your web activity. Polycred was manually verified and approved by the Google extension approval team, and our source code was evaluated to meet all security and privacy standards and requirements.

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Kevin O'BrienJun 2, 2021

Easy to install and use. Highly recommended.

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Milly BannisterJan 8, 2021

Super instant and easy to install. Does exactly as described - automatically detects & fills email fields on sites with auto-generated email addresses that forward to your main email inbox, meaning I can keep my private inbox private. Major 'would rate 6 stars if I could' vibes.

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Polycred SupportDeveloperJan 9, 2021

Thanks Milly, glad you enjoyed it!


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    Volatile Technologies Inc
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Polycred: Email Alias Generator & Manager has disclosed the following information regarding the collection and usage of your data. More detailed information can be found in the developer's privacy policy.

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