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Chris Szymonski

Feb 9, 2024

batch deleting

I am contemplating the purchase of the subscription, but I hear that once there are 200 photos in the queue, the user has to delete them one by one. Is that true, or is there a batch deletion way? How would one go about a batch deletion?

Mystical Mutants

Apr 30, 2022

overlays for custom is full cant add new images

for custom overlays I cant either add new images or delete old ones to make space


Feb 4, 2022

Editing Issues

currently while trying to edit photos online (since it is not giving me the option of logging in) and all my photos went black and all my work was lost. Each picture I clicked on to attempt to figure out what was going on it kept saying unable to upload photo ( I was currently in the process of editing these photos). I do have an account that I have been paying for, for more than a year but I would like to cancel if this cannot be fixed. Thank you.

David Porter

Dec 24, 2021

Photo size question.

How can I set the photo to / example 4"x 6".

Thank you / Dave Porter


Sep 28, 2021

Log in

Cannot log into app?

Paul Brown

Aug 6, 2021

Polarr on Chromebook

Hello, I have a Google Pixelbook and currently have Polarr as an Extension in the Chrome browser. I notice that it is version 5.10.4 dated November 2019. The current version of Polarr is 6.0. Does this mean that the Chrome Web Store version is not being updated? If not, what is the best way of using Polarr on a Chromebook? Android app? Web version? Which of these are version 6.0 and do they all support the upgrade to Pro for more features?

RJ Wordsmyth

Aug 2, 2021

Photo access

I cannot get access to all my photographs that were on file with this app. They are a very important part of a book I am currently writing. How do I find my pics?

Allen Loder

Jun 8, 2021


Could you please add a brush to add and remove vignette. Im a nature photographer and I love your program. But I love to be able to manipulate the vignette more rather than just size and shape. Intensify has this feature but I don't use this program anymore. Can you help please.

Audra Herrera

May 10, 2021

Can't sign in

I have the app on my phone. I just payed for a subscription. I'm trying to access my account and use the app on my Chromebook and it is not letting me.

Marlena Owens Author

Oct 1, 2020

Pro features

I am unable to download more than one of my works per day, but I am a pro member. Help! I am also missing all of my pro features and when I click on the button to get Pro, it says the website cannot be found.

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