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Raúl B

Jul 27, 2023

Anyway to jump x secs?

Congrats for such a good extension.
One question... is there anyway to jump x secs with a key combination or such?

minas tirith

May 21, 2022

podcasts are deleting themselves

i have been trying to add new podcasts to my library but everytime i close the tab and next time re-open up podstation the new podcasts delete themselves. i have to readd them everytime. This happens regardless of how many podcasts I add.

i still have a lot of disk space too.

is this a bug or is there a solution to this?

Roger Biel

Dec 1, 2021

Repeating Podcasts

This is a nice program but podcasts tend to repeat by creating a duplicate item in playlist.

Dallas Jensen

Jul 26, 2021


I am freaked out with the permissions required by your player I understand Read but Not Modify data on the websites I visit. Why is that required?

daniela yacobov

Oct 11, 2020

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Jason Ryan

Sep 23, 2020

ability to add skip features

hi there, i really enjoy using your chrome addon, it is fantastic!!! i would like to recommend an improvement if you have time.

could you add the ability to skip ahead or forward by watching key strokes? a 10 or 30 second forward skip would be great! you might consider to make the length of time skip an adjustable parameter from the settings.

since i often listen from a remote computer without being able to see the screen, it is hard for me to use a mouse for controls so keystrokes are my only way to easily access.

thank you!!!

Helen Calder

Jun 30, 2020

Long form narrative podcasts

Is there any way to get the app to keep track of which episodes I've listened to?

Abhinao 2020

Jun 30, 2020



Andrea Tamayo

May 30, 2020

¿Como escuchar un podcast desde drive?

Mis clases virtuales son por medio de podcast, me ayudaría que me expliques o que añadas esa opción (en caso de no tenerla)

Mark Vos

Feb 1, 2020

download podcast

Tried your app. Could not figure out how to download a podcast to my laptop. Is this not possible? Regards.

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