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Apr 22, 2024

No notifications for Shorts

Hello ! I'm back here to express my slight disappointment. Although your application is incredible in terms of functionality that complements YouTube, I'm looking for a tool to get Shorts notifications, because since January 2021 it's been impossible to get notifications as soon as a Shorts is released from YouTube.
I would have thought that the "notifications" tab in the extension would send all the content from channels that I had previously selected in a group! I was receiving the videos as notifications, but not the channel shorts.

Can you please add in the settings to activate notifications for Shorts plz ?

Daniel Weaver

Apr 4, 2024

Missing subscription groups

Some of my subscription groups have disappeared altogether. The subscriptions that were in them are now ungrouped. It looks like they are still there, just uncategorized. Why did they disappear and where did they go? If I can't fix this easily I will have to go back through my entire list and regroup dozens of channel subscriptions. This is a major time sink so please provide an explanation and solution at your earliest convenience. Thanks very much!

Lion Machine

Apr 2, 2024

Can't access playlists anymore, they dissappeared


My playlists got removed from my categories. Then I discovered I had to subscribe, which is fine. I did so for a yearly plan. Then I wanted to add my playlists back, but they are not showing up anymore. The only playlist that shows is the youtube standard playlist.

Helios Cristobal Rodriguez Alvarez

Mar 1, 2024

I want to cancel my subscription

Dear Sirs
I have been using PocketTube for quite some time for free in Waterfox. Thank you. Now that the Deck has been released I wanted to subscribe and my Patreon login gave me problems. Then I installed PocketTube in FlashPeak SlimJet and I was able to login to Patreon and subscribe, but my YouTube is blank without the creation of the groups I had in Waterfox, so the Deck does not work for me. It's an impossible task to recreate the groups in FlashPeak and I usually use Waterfox. If there is no way to import the settings from one browser to another or if the subscription depends solely on the browser, I would like to completely unsubscribe, please. Thank you. Best regards.


Mar 1, 2024

Trouble :LeftPanel > Subscriptions

I'm just letting you know that PocketTube doesn't seem to be working properly.
I am Japanese and my English is machine translated.
So there may be some strange sentences.

:Functions indicating abnormality
LeftPanel > Subscriptions

Pagereloads or Thumbnail generation indefinitely with certain filters or combinations of filters

:My Environment

Windows11 Pro InsiderPreview 22H2
OS Build 23620.1000
AMD Ryzen9 3900X 12-Core Processor 3.80GHz
RAM 96.0 GB

Chtome for Windows Ver:122.0.6261.95 64bit (Official Build)
Chrome Extensions(I tried it with only PocketTube enabled)
PocketTube: Youtube Subscription Manager
PocketTube: Youtube PlayList Manager

:Trial Result
--Pattern SingleFilter
Infinite loop
No abnormality
#SHORTS :But Not Functioning?

--Pattern 2Filters
Infinite loop
No abnormality

I've tried so far.

Dakota Newman

Feb 2, 2024

Issue with video tab on peoples channel page

whenever I go to a a channel to check out their vides the video grid will rapidly refresh for a few seconds and then it will only displays a single video that is usually years old. I've tries disabling all other extension but it seems to be an issue form pocket tube itself.


Jan 17, 2024


Почему расширение не работает без впн?


Dec 5, 2023

PocketTube not working in Subscription menu anymore.

They used to have number count for video rows and the options to hide shorts, live, and more. But now I can't find those options anymore. I tried reinstalling PocketTube, but it's no good. Is there anyway to fix this?


Nov 26, 2023

PockeTube problema sulle anteprime dei video delle iscrizioni.

Il programma,quando seleziono le iscrizioni, mi da un problema di caricamento dei video nella pagina laterale, dove ci sono tutte le anteprime , che iniziano ad comparire e scomparire in maniera rapida senza fermarsi mai.

Kamyk Aster

Oct 27, 2023

Youtube has broken your wonderful mod for me again :/

My groups are not showing up on the sidebar at all.

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