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ellipse club

Jun 11, 2024

dont work in arc browser

there are no list subscribe channel's category folder .

Aurora Ruus Blindheim (Auro)

Apr 4, 2024

Lost my playlists in the sidebar

The playlists wouldn't show up under the main groups, and instead, an "empty your group" came up under it, I pressed it by accident and lost all my playlists in the side bar. I've tried to get them back to the sidebars but nothing I've tried have worked yet.

Steel Hammer

Apr 3, 2024

Empty Groups

For some time now, I've been using the pocketTube Playlist Manager without any issues. I've created main groups and subgroups, organizing many playlists. However, since yesterday, all of these groups have suddenly become empty, with no playlists displayed. Could you assist me in resolving this issue?

Lion Machine

Apr 2, 2024

All playlists disappeared after subscribing


So today I found out I couldn't use this plug-in as usual without subscribing. Which is fine. So I got the yearly plan. But now all my playlists don't show up anymore in the dashboard. Only the 1 YouTube playlist button. So I can't add my playlists in categories anymore. I tried deleting cookies, signing in and out, reinstalling the plug-in but nothing works. It used to work so perfectly before. I would like this to be solved or I want a refund since I can't use what I paid for anyway.

Screenshot of the issue:


Mar 29, 2024

내 플레이리스트(재생목록)이 모두 사라졌습니다.

유튜브 플레이리스트 관리자에서 만든 그룹내 모든 목록이 사라졌습니다. 백업을 했으나 지워져서 복구가 안됩니다. 새로 만들기를 해도 안되요


Sep 9, 2023

Couple of questions

Hi Dima, thanks for the impressive work and ongoing developments of the two extensions.
Wanted a few clarifications:
- Are you open or exploring an idea of a one-time purchase at a higher rate as opposed to subscriptions, as I'm sure there is a segment of audience who psychologically cannot jive with subscriptions and see it as a negative income, specially when times can get financially trying.
- While both exts seem aptly mature, and patreon subscription and numbers shows a portion of that, from an individual perspective, do we have any guarantees as to the timespan of how commited developements and new features will remain? How do feature requests come in, and the rate at which they are implemented successfully?
- Lastly, in the case that one does go forth with the subscription, how does the extension interact when it lapses? Does it revert fully to the "free" model. What happens to existing "premium" data, like groups/playlist created with certain icons, or perhaps 7 different decks on the page. If they were to abruptly disappear, I am sure this would be a big concern and annoyance to users?

Apologizes for the heavy questions, I see immense value and future in the products/offerings, and I just wanted to give my 2 cents. I also want to do my do dilgence of research and get a good price/value, since I am willing to invest an X amount, but a subscription model is usually something I stay far away from.


Jul 26, 2023

PlayList Manager vs. Subscription Manager

Both the PlayList Manager and the Subscription Manager extensions seem to go to the same or similar website but have separate extensions. Do they offer different features? I became a member of the patreon but am confused if I only subscribed for one of these?

Daniel Murray

Jun 10, 2023

Urgent: Assistance Needed with YouTube Playlist Management Issues

I'm experiencing a serious issue that's left me quite frustrated. In an effort to organise my 'Watch Later' folder on YouTube, I attempted to move the bulk of my 360+ videos into a new playlist. Initially, it didn't seem to work, so I repeated the action and waited for it to process.

To my surprise, each video appeared twice in the new playlist. I painstakingly removed each duplicate, one by one, sorting them by length for efficiency. However, after a refresh, every single video was gone. To top it all, this issue occurred despite my recent donation to Patreon. I'm keen to find a resolution - any help would be much appreciated.


May 29, 2023

Sorting issue

Hello. Suddenly, My "watch later" playlist does not save sorted vids using pocket tube sort button. A new tab does open with correctly sorted vids, but it does not save list correclty when I reload or re-access my "watch later" playlist.

Aidan Moore

May 16, 2023

Premium Features Trasnferability

I supported you guys in order to gain access to premium features. However, since I did not do so via a Patreon account, I cannot figure out how to transfer the features between devices. Please help. Email with response

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