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Marky The Sharky

May 9, 2024

Web3 Wallets like Zerion is not detected by lot of websites

Web3 Wallets like Zerion is not detected by lot of websites when Pocket Universe is active. Tested with disabling Pocket Universe and Zerion was detected right away by the website, also tested on Incognito Window where Pocket Universe is not active, and Web3 Wallet Zerion was detected without any issues.

Hosein Shirkhani

Oct 15, 2023


Hi team
my wallet got scammed about 100 dollars with a trusted site according to your app I wanted to know that you said you will cover under 2000 thousands , will you do it? I can send you all the details

Ran Oji

Sep 12, 2023


hi! im trying to stake my nfts of a certain project, and the transaction doesnt get through. Is it because the Pocket Universe thinks this is a dangerous project? altho i trust it and i have other ones staked already... since i installed Pocket Universe i cant get the trxn to get through. Would appreciate how i can fix this issue. thank you !

Reed Huish

May 27, 2023

Security Question

Will Pocket Universe extension on Chrome, allow me to use my Coinbase Wallet

And connect to a Dapp / third-party website, and ask me PERMISSION before the third-party website withdraws tokens from my Coinbase Wallet?

So it removes the Unlimited Allowances of the third-party website connection.


Ghislaine V

Mar 29, 2023

Pocket universe

Is it available for iPad ?

Lisa Nicolette

Mar 7, 2023

Connecting two wallets same browser

I would like to connect two different wallets on Chrome browser. Meta mask and Coinbase is that possible?

Gilbert Gagnon

Sep 19, 2022

Why does it open EVERY popup for me TWICE?

Hi, love what it does, but every popup from this extension I have to accept TWICE, is it normal?

And I would love to be able to have a "whitelist" feature, so I can say for XYZ site DO NOT show popup (ex. QUICK BUY from any marketplace analytics tool, if defeats the purpose of being "quick").

Crypto Trinsic

Aug 17, 2022

Multi browser capabilities

We would like to see this available for brave browser and opera browser

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