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Nadine Sachse

Apr 16, 2021

Plugin zu Chrome hinzugefügt, aber keine Mehrinformationen ersichtlich

Ich habe mir das Plugin Chrome Ad-Library im Webstore zu Chrome hinzugefügt. Wenn ich jetzt allerdings auf die Facebook ad library gehe, sehe ich genau dieselben Informationen, wie in jedem anderen Browser und vor Installation des Plugins!? Greift es nicht?

TurboBurn MarkBaron

Oct 29, 2020


I can't play on games on the website anymore because it's turned off. I wonder if you appreciate me to fix it.

TurboBurn MarkBaron

Oct 29, 2020

Flash Game Problem for Chrome

I was going to use the flash game on my Chromebook because it doesn't not work


Mar 23, 2020

Plugin for Android

Is there any option to use this extension in mobile crome or any application which is compatible with plugin crome extension ?


Jun 18, 2019


Coecting to game page says no plugin

Anthony Carmichael

Feb 18, 2019

Plug in

Can the plug in not be downloaded to my cell phone??

A Chrome Web Store user

Jan 7, 2019


почему при просмотре видео в полноекранном режыме видно мно разнацветных пикселей

Antonio T.

Sep 8, 2018

quando entro em components e foi tentar atualizar o widevinecdm da a seguinte mensagem "componente não atualizado". Como faço para resolver isto para o netflix

erro netflix : Quando entrei em components e fui tentar atualizar o widevinecdm dá a seguinte mensagem "componente não atualizado". Como faço para resolver isto para o netflix?

Mimi queen

Sep 2, 2018

مشكلة تحميل

عندما اريد ان احمل فيديو او شوفو في غوغل يطلعلي يجي الضغط على السماح بس ما قدرت اتمنى حل مشكلتي ارجوكم

Mukesh Mahato

Aug 19, 2018


youtube sound didnot listen

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