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Phillip Green

Dec 23, 2022

Issue with Downloading Playlists

I had been successfully using this extension to download items from a custom playlist, but in the past week or so when I click on the extension while viewing my playlist on Plex, I'm able to add the items to the download queue, but no download ever starts.

If I go to a TV Show's Season page, I can download successfully from there, but I'm hoping there is a solution for Playlists, because I used that functionality almost daily!

J Smith

Apr 28, 2022

Greyed out

Says requesting info from server or requesting album info. Never allows download always greyed out

Josh Murray

May 19, 2021

plex downloader not working on any plex servers

I have the extension installed in my Chrome. yet on everything, tv shows at the season page, at the episode page, and while playing... and none of them work. They all have this popup show up, with all buttons greyed out.

Error while fetching album contents.
Reopen this popup to try again.

Tyler Durden

Mar 18, 2021

M4B support (standard audiobook format)

Currently the addon tries to download m4b audiobook files as mp4 video files. Could this be corrected?

Paul Gerber

Jan 28, 2021

Great idea!!

This is a great idea! I can't get it to work for anything other than Music, but wanted to tell you that I think you're on to something with this!! Good stuff.

Olandrio Companero

Jan 5, 2021

Fix for Nerds

Hi all,

in case you know how to use the Chrome DevTools, here is a short description of a workaround fix to make at least the "Download All" option working again.
The problem lays at lines 4, 7 and 10 in getServerInfo.js. You need uncomment line 4 and change the other lines to hardcode your token and serverUrl. You can find out your token using a watch expression on "user". I found out that it only works using the token of my admin other, even when logged into Plex with another user.

I hope this may help some to help themself.


Olandrio Companero

Dec 4, 2020

Does it support insecure connections over

Maybe the following could be the reason for "buttons greyed out"-scenario?:
Should it work also if the connection is done unsecurly - which has an effect on the URL pattern. Example:!/server/5640006201134e43e6eaf9620cc957d4d279c4d0/album?key=%2Fplaylists%2F278&

Olandrio Companero

Dec 4, 2020

Should still be able to work?

Hi, first thank you very much for the effort you have already put into this extension. It is a great idea and necessity to have this. I can't imagine why this kind of bulk downloading is not an option within Plex itself.
Regarding my question: Should this extension still work? I just tried to use it, unfortunately without success. I can't come over the "all buttons are greyed out"-scenario. If it should work, what is actually happening at the point it says "fetching server information"?

I can remember using it about one year ago, sucessfully. Nothing really changed in my setup. Therefore I am out of ideas what could be wrong. I also followed the hints regarding using>>Launch, and check the URL pattern. That looks fine.

Thank you already for your answer.
Best regards,

Scott Monroe

Nov 16, 2020

Download sometimes stops before all tracks in an album are downloaded

When I open an album on Plex and individually select every track in the album for download, then click on the Download All button, sometimes the download works, sometimes it stops before downloading all the tracks.

The Great walt

Nov 9, 2020


even when trying the site it is possible to download series in bulk and not selected but for the movies there is no possible way and it just shows "Error while fetching album contents.
Reopen this popup to try again."

please help with this issue

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