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Julien Rommelard

Jul 18, 2024

extension does not activate

good morning,
the extension activates 1/50 times
I've tried all the manipulations given by Perplexity or ChatGpt, but nothing works.
Can you please help me?
Yours faithfully

Elaine Bueno

Apr 30, 2024

Not working

Could you help me,please?

Jm Luces_SEO

Mar 19, 2024

Not Showing

For some reason the small rectangle that pops up whenever I visit a GBP profile on the right side wont show up anymore.

John Corbett

Sep 8, 2023


Answering the questions here would be a good suggestion

Eduardo Pinto Nunes

Jul 10, 2023

Export tab missing

Where is the export tab?

Moisés S. Ricón

Jun 6, 2023

Category problems

Google has changed the interface on Maps and I can't launch the category panel so I can't see avg reviews, etc...

Any ideas?

Mark Anthony Sta Maria

May 9, 2023

Not Working

Hello, do we have some issues today? The app is not working.

Marcin Karwowski

Apr 12, 2023

Problem with multiple profiles

When I run one business card, the plug-in window appears correctly, but if I run a search and several profiles appear, the plug-in does not respond in any way and does not appear

Hoboken Window Installation

Feb 25, 2022

PlePer Local SEO Tool Chrome Extension Not Working

I've been using the PlePer Local SEO Chrome Extension for a couple of months now without any issues. However, as of today I've noticed that when I go look for a Google My Business profile, I can no longer see any of the details. The small rectangle with all of the details doesn't even pop up anymore. I tried deleting the extension and re-downloading it, and have had no luck. Is there something going on with the extension because I do not know why it is not working on my laptop all of a sudden. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

Douglas Ison

Jan 31, 2022

Pleper extension is not working...

I do a search and the Google profiles show up but Pleper is not showing up.

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