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Luigi Calabrese

Apr 6, 2021

Extension stopped working as of April 2020 (or maybe February 2020).

Hello, I guess something has changed in Playstation Store these days since it listed only games purchased until February 2021. Then I deleted cache and cookies, and logged in again, but now your wonderful extension doesn't work anymore: it says "Entitlement data not found. Please log in PlayStation Store to view your content list" no matter what.

Is there anything can I try to get the extension working? Thank you in advance

Михаил Миронов

Nov 28, 2020

Please update

Please update for new site psstore

Heather Putnick

Sep 29, 2020


my system is stuck in safe mode and says i need to reinstall version 6.20 or later to fix but cannot figure out where to find it to download

Heather Putnick

Sep 29, 2020

where do i find version 6.20 or later to reinstall on to my ps4?

system is stuck in safe mode

Davey Whyte

Nov 9, 2019

Multiple region support

I wanted to use this app to identify what items i have over multiple regions. I logged out of the first one and cleared the cache. I see prompt to log in (which I have already done) and if i refresh it just gives me the data for the first one as though still cached.

Michael Swanson

Sep 11, 2019



Joshua Graham

Apr 29, 2019


Can I get a vpn for my ps4 pro?

Tony Valletta

Oct 14, 2018


Entitlement Data Not Found
Click link, already logged in on store, refresh page with app, same error.

Tim Johnson

Sep 1, 2018

Hide/fade "Purchased" tiles

Similar to how Steam handles games you've already purchased/marked as ignore, greying the tile of the game while scrolling thru games that we've already purchased would help us visually pass right on by.


Aug 1, 2018



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