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Nancy Allen

May 20, 2024

playlist sorter 409: The operation was aborted.

Help this just stopped sorting my videos was working i do have 500 videos in this playlist. but now only sorts 5-10 then aborts?
any help would be appreciated

Hannah (GGNDRiRock)

Mar 18, 2023

429: Resource has been exhausted (e.g. check quota).

I loooove this extension and it does work, just not very well in big playlists. I use it for my music library now and have a playlist with all in, so 3,000 in total and it can sort around 312 of these before the "429: Resource has been exhausted (e.g. check quota)." error comes up and it sstops. Is there a way to get round this? Or for it to skip those already done and do it in 300 batches or something.
You're already better than YouTube for this, it's crazy they don't have it (and by artist, album etc. for YouTube Music!) so thank you =D


Oct 15, 2022

Creator/Album/Artist Sort?

I don't know how this would translate I would appreciate a 'creator' or 'album' sort option to combine artist and album together if possible.

For example, if i have a 'gaming playlist' sort the 'Markiplier' from the 'Jacksepticeye'

In terms of music sort the 'Ed Sheeran' ahead of the 'Queen, and if possible within the 'Queen' sort 'A night at the opera' Ahead of 'News of the world'

But even just gathering the creators together would be an amazing sort addition!

Paddy Landau

Jul 1, 2022

Please include "Your Likes" from YouTube Music

YouTube and YouTube Music share their playlists, but I'm not sure about "Your Likes" from YouTube Music. This isn't the same playlist as "Liked Videos."

If it's possible (it might not be), please would you include YouTube Music's "Your Likes" in the list of playlists to allow it to be sorted?

Thank you!

Václav Vlček

Jun 13, 2022

Playlist Sorter stopped working

thank you for really helpful piece of software, been using it for over year and sorted many playlists. But now suddenly it stopped working. When I click on button Login with Youtube, nothing happens. Tried relaunch Chrome, incognito window, reinstalling Playlist sorter. But nothing helps, that dialog for selecting Youtube account just wont popup. Is it just my computer or Google changed some API calls so it stopped working?
Thanks for any tips or info...

WoWaN Nihel

Dec 26, 2021

Too much playlists

I've got too much playlists in my youtube, so the list of all playlists needs to be sorted.
Also it needs search for playlist by date or by part of name.
Thank You.

John DeBernardis

Oct 5, 2021


401: Request had invalid authentication credentials. Expected OAuth 2 access token, login cookie or other valid authentication credential. See

large playlist over 2700 items

ce ce

Aug 7, 2021

Please add the option to Merge Same Name Playlists & Bulk Delete Duplicates in Playlists

Please add the option to Merge Same Name Playlists & Bulk Delete Duplicates in Playlists

ce ce

Aug 7, 2021

Rename your extension to YouTube Library Playlist Content Alphabetical Sorter

Rename your extension to YouTube Library Playlist Content Alphabetical Sorter

Renaming your extension to YouTube Library Playlist Content Alphabetical Sorter & providing a better description in the Overview section explaining to others what this extension DOES and Does NOT do could possibly clear some of the negative comments from others that are getting confused with the intent of this extension.

This extension ONLY sorts the contents of video playlists by name NOT the Names of the playlists themselves in the library (as the YouTube API does not allow extensions to reorder the Library playlists by names).

For example: YouTube gives you the following options to sort your videos in the playlists

Date added (newest)
Date added (oldest)
Most popular
Date published (newest)
Date published (oldest)

This extension will give you the additional option to sort them alphabetically as well by taking you to a different page and automatically sorting them for you once you press the A-Z sorting button.

NOTE: YouTube has recently removed the "manual" option from the sort menu. You must now put the playlist in manual order mode by dragging a video to a new position. After that, Playlist Sorter can sort the playlist.

(((also Explain any limitations to the amount of maximum videos allowed to be sorted or fix any maximum limitation)))

If you want to sort the names of the playlists in the library and NOT the videos in the playlists themselves you need to

Step #1) Go to your YouTube Library
Step #2) Scroll down to Playlists
Step #3) Click on Recently added and click on the drop down icon represented by a v and change to A-Z

*The default viewing format for the Playlists on the left hand side menu is always set to Recently added at the top which is imposed by YouTube and not able to be changed at this time.

***There is NO way to change the order and alphabetically sort Playlists in YouTube Studio; again this is a limitation imposed by Google/YouTube***

ce ce

Aug 7, 2021

ERROR 429: Resource has been exhausted (e.g. check quota).

Have playlists with many videos in them; one which has 1600+ videos and receive an error 429: Resource has been exhausted (e.g. check quota).

Can you fix this and is there a temporary workaround in the meantime?

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