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Sep 27, 2023

Can't download

Today I used Pixiv Toolkit to download, but it didn't work. The console displayed an error like this: Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 () /api/app/episodes/152974/read:1
I hope it will be fixed soon


Oct 11, 2022


而不是解壓縮ZIP之後全部都是01 02 03這樣
全部都變成一樣名稱 系統分不出來會覆蓋掉 謝謝


Mar 31, 2022

Manifest V3 update

Hello, I was just wondering if the extension will get an update with manifest V3, because it seems that the current version will be discontinued, thanks


Mar 25, 2022

"Relative Location" setting not working

Every other setting works fine except the "allow extension takes over downloads" setting which also effects the relative location setting. This feature works fine on Firefox, though, so it probably just needs an update on the chrome version. The extension is granted download permission.


Mar 1, 2022

Extension downloads files from Pixiv Fanbox as HTML files instead of as images

When use on Pixiv Fanbox, the extension will only download the images as HTML files and not as image files.

Illyasviel von Einzbern

Jan 15, 2022

Blocked by Pixiv?

With this extension enabled, will not load at all.
Might require an update to fix this issue.

edmund liang

Aug 18, 2021

black screen webm when using WSL

when WSL is turned on, ugoira download will just download a black screen. This happens even when using other downloaders like gallery-dl.


Aug 16, 2021

Latest update broke the download process.

After the latest update, the extension now forces me to make a zip file for single images. I checked my settings and the 'Always Pack' option is still turned off, but the latest 'Pack Files' option in the Downloads section messes this up. And if I turn it off, I can't download multiple files in a zip, as well as other problems like extra folders in my download section that I don't want. Is there any workaround or do I have to just wait for an update to fix this?

Sen Lii

Aug 5, 2021

webm error

save to webm failed,black blank screen is displayed during file playback


Aug 4, 2021

Save Gif or Animated arts as Webm problem

Pixiv Toolkit Version 4.10.0
Download animated art as webm gave me a files that just a black screen

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