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Mimi N

Aug 4, 2023

Brave Browser Problem

I'm using this with the brave browser and trying to import/export doesn't work. When I tested it out in edge I was able to import/export my list just fine.

Sean Mosher

Jun 4, 2023

Icons Missing? + Am I Searching Wrong Somehow?

I thought this would be good for decluttering searches from my muted tags...but I don't even see the icons to START hiding tags or users. I know they're supposed to be ▼ and [+], but I can't see them, even going into the actual images' pages.

Even looking at the pictures for examples doesn't help me—it looks like a completely different pixiv than I'm used to. Are posts supposed to display their tags below them? What am I doing wrong here?


Apr 21, 2023

Was thinking, can you add a feature to remove listing of posts in the related posts

When being on a pixiv post, the related post list is at the bottom and I would like this filter extension to also apply there as well.


Nov 22, 2022

the ▼ sign rarely ever works.

Clicking it rarely makes the tags pop up.


Oct 28, 2022

How do I use this extention?

I was planning to use this to block and filter out certain users or tags but I can't seem to do anything? How does this extention work? What symbols should I need to identify in order to use this extention's function properly? How can those symbols appear?


Oct 18, 2022

No plus sign to remove tags

I am able to block users with the [+] button next to the username on each image, but there is no button next to the tags to block them (either on the list of tags at the top of the search page, or the list of tags under and individual images). Am I missing where this button is meant to be for blocking tags?

Charles Boudousquie

Oct 15, 2022

backup extension data

If I get a new computer or a new chrome account is there a way to save the list/data within the extension so I can port it over easily, or will I have to reblock all those users the hard way?

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