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Shifty Imp

Mar 20, 2023

Extension doesn't create Folder anymore & Naming doesn't work anymore

Since very recently the extension has stopped creating a Folder with specific naming when downloading content. It's a huge time saver to have the extension create those folders, so without this function, the extension has lost most of its use for me. I hope this gets fixed soon.

Also, the naming of the files doesn't work anymore. The extension tells me to deactivate other downloading extensions but that's not really a long-term solution and I hope this gets fixed as well.

Khadgar Chang

Mar 19, 2023

As today about 10min ago, all the naming rule failed.

It seemed happened several times ago based on the history.
But I don't know how this kind of issue happened again?
All the folder structure not work anymore.

Alberto Barbosa

Sep 10, 2022

After latest update it no longer saves the naming rules for each creator's page

Hello, after the latest update I noticed the extension kept changing the artist page URL from (artist) to I disabled the "Unified URL Format" setting and it stopped doing that. But my naming rules still aren't back to normal. It used to be so that if I opened an (artist) URL it would still have the naming rules intact from the last time I downloaded from that page, now that doesn't work anymore. Is this intentional?

Reinhardt Roderick Madjid

Aug 7, 2022

Download problems

some artist got "crawl finished but did not find files that match the filter criteria" when I tried to download.

Jacob Huang

Apr 17, 2022


For those experiencing this error, there is a strong possibility that it is caused by attempting to use the extension in Incognito mode.


Apr 7, 2022

i can't download the pictures

so i was trying to download the pictures from pixiv but it always says Crawl finished but did not find files that match the filter criteria. i did not change the setting soo what do i do?

Jason Rigsby

Mar 30, 2022

Duplicate Files

Hello. I love this extension! Is there a way to prevent it from automatically downloading duplicates of files already in the same directory? I expected that it would return an error and not download files that already exist in the same directory, but instead it seems to download each file over again, just renaming it by adding a number in parentheses to the end. (e.g. "1(1).jpeg") Is this something that I can prevent in the extension, or is this something that can't be helped, like an inherent weakness to Chrome?


Mar 10, 2022

is stuck on "Task starts"

the extension displays "Task starts" on the top of the page and does nothing
tried in opera gx and chrome

William Peterson

Feb 1, 2022


Is there a way to translate the file names to English?

light moon

Jan 4, 2022

how to change file name?

if i download someone fanbox, file name is looks like " 7c3oL4JOHD9eZyvbIsLhfP9L"
I want to set up "1, 2, 3, 4" or fanbox title name.

how can i do that?

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