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Pixie: TTS/OpenDyslexic/Reading Ruler/ePub/Reader Mode/Dictionary/Text Zoom

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30 ratings

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Freyja MeeseMay 1, 2024

I absolutely cannot stand the clicking sound that happens every time you click a button on the panel to change the settings. I've tried to turn that off and haven't managed to figure out if its possible. But makes it completely unusable for me as I can't have the sound off on my laptop while I'm working. Clicking the 'Mute Sounds' button hasn't worked with muting that button clicking sound

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Charlie ImbertFeb 23, 2024

Really amazing tool, no hidden fees. However it doesn't work at all on PDFs and that seems to unfortunately be where most of my reading is for school.

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Byron ChangSep 17, 2023

it might just be me or might have been mentioned but if you use the widget while reading a page you need to spam the "previous chapter" button in order to have it repeat what it just said if the paragraph has a line break after it. honestly didn't read more than the front page of reviews but yeah otherwise its a great app thank you

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Oziku Technologies LLCDeveloperOct 3, 2023

Dear Byron, Thank you for your feedback :) Can you please elaborate more on the issue you mentioned? What website you tested out on? This will help us debug the cause of the problem. If you do not want to share the website publicly, please feel free to email us on

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Kate McCaffreyJul 5, 2023

I was loving this extension but the text to speech has disappeared! Can you please provide an update? I've uninstalled and reinstalled but it has just gone. I'll have to use Immersive Reader in the meantime.

Replier's profile picture

Oziku Technologies LLCDeveloperJul 10, 2023

Dear Kate McCaffrey, We would like to inform you that the text to speech feature is now available in this version. Please, install it and let us know if you have any feedback. Best regards, Oziku Technologies Team

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Rosarian CookMay 20, 2023

I didn't find an option for changing the voice of the reader & the speed didn't seem to change from normal to fast. It would be nice if there was an option for decimal increments for speed (like on YouTube for example) Curious to know if other voices are an option currently if I'm missing them somehow.

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Replier's profile picture

Oziku Technologies LLCDeveloperMay 21, 2023

Dear Rosarian Cook, Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback about our extension. Your detailed observations and suggestions are greatly appreciated as they contribute significantly to the enhancement of our product. We continually strive to provide an exceptional experience for our users, and your input helps us understand areas where we can improve. We agree wholeheartedly with your suggestion to enhance the speed adjustment feature to emulate a YouTube-style, decimal increment-based system. We believe that this feature would provide a more personalized user experience and offer greater flexibility to our users. We're excited to tell you that this enhancement is already part of our development roadmap for future updates. On the topic of voice options, we regret to inform you that our current version does not support voice changes. However, we acknowledge the importance of this feature and are working diligently to include it in the next release. We firmly believe that different voice options will enrich the user experience and make our extension more adaptable to various user preferences. We're grateful for your patience and understanding as we work on these improvements. Our aim is to deliver a new and improved version that not only addresses the issues you've raised but also elevates the overall user experience. In the meantime, we would really appreciate your continued support and understanding. We're confident that the upcoming changes will significantly enhance your experience with our extension. Once again, thank you for your feedback. It's users like you who drive our passion for continual improvement. We hope to meet, and possibly exceed, your expectations with the upcoming changes to our extension. Yours sincerely, Oziku Technologies Team

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MilkaJan 9, 2023

Don't work

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Oziku Technologies LLCDeveloperJan 9, 2023

Hello Milka, we apologize for the inconvenience this caused you :( We will be more than thankful, if you can elaborate more what is exactly not working? so we can fix it if it is an actual bug in our extension. If you installed our extension for the first time, please restart your browser or just refresh the tabs this will resolve the issues of the extension not working after getting installed

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Francesco jose Addabbo RomeroNov 19, 2022

is very easy the extension

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Oziku Technologies LLCDeveloperNov 20, 2022

Thank you Francesco :) If you have any feature request, please let us know

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Adi The royalSep 28, 2022

there should be an option for colorful text (as in one word being a different color not just all being blue for example)

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Replier's profile picture

Oziku Technologies LLCDeveloperSep 28, 2022

Hello Adi, thank you very much for your feedback :) Can you please elaborate more on why you want the text to be colorful instead of just one color? Will it be multiple colors or just two colors? for example one word is blue, the second is green and so on ... The reason we didn't include such option so far is because it might slow down the browsing speed but we can look into it in more details if it is helpful for the users Do you have any other features requests that you would like to see in our extension?

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Cindy Bahl (Cindy)Sep 22, 2022

This is fantastic! Not clunky or slow. Yet, so many options! But it makes it very easy to customize it. Wow. Thank you so much for providing this!

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Replier's profile picture

Oziku Technologies LLCDeveloperSep 22, 2022

Dear Cindy, Thank you for the nice words, we really appreciate it :) We are so happy to hear that our extension is having a positive impact on you. If you have any questions or even a feature you would like us to add to our extension please don't hesitate to let us know. You can also reach out to us at Best Regards, Oziku Technologies Team

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Laura HolzhauserAug 30, 2022

Is it possible to use this in the kindle cloud reader? It isn't working for me and that would be very helpful. Thanks!

Replier's profile picture

Oziku Technologies LLCDeveloperSep 7, 2022

Hello Laura, we are currently working on your request. It looks like Kindle use a special approach to render the content on the screen that are different from normal websites. Unfortunately, getting a fix will take way more time than anticipated. We will keep you posted as soon as we solve the issue and publish the update

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