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Jennifer Adams

Mar 8, 2024

All images in Gmail are blocked

Please let me know if I can answer any questions or help with testing - this extension is very useful.

Matt Bird

Mar 1, 2024

blocking all images again

Hi Omar,

please fix again... I like what you have built

Peter Sward

Feb 14, 2024

Pixelblock stops gmail showing images as of today.

Pixelblock stops gmail showing images as of today. Chrome and Gmail. Windows 10. Disabling Pixelblock restores the functionality.

Ibra OfBrooklyn

Nov 10, 2023



Vinzenz Gensmantel

Nov 10, 2023

No more pixelblock icon on tracked emails visible?

Can't see anymore if there is a mail tracker anymore. I restarted, and re-installed it but still no icon.

Gareth Whitcombe

Nov 9, 2023

Blocks Displaying Images Within GMail

Whenever I try to view an email within gmail all my images get blocked. As soon as this extension is turned off all of my images work with no further issues until I re-enable the extension

Thomas Paquet

Nov 5, 2023

Extension No Longer Working

I've used this extension for a VERY long time. As others have noted, something broke due to either Google/Extension around Nov 1, 2023. No word from the dev, so moving over to this Email Privacy Protector

Susan LaKosh

Nov 4, 2023

PixelBlock preventing all embedded images from showing in gmail

This just started a week ago. Embedded images show as an icon with words. For example, emails from stores don't show any images, so the email is useless. No pictures or logos in any emails. Rebooting, current updates, did not resolve the issue.

I thought it was due to a chrome update. But have same issue in gmail on EDGE. Could see images in same emails sent to outlook mail from gmail, so not the emails..

Finally started turning off chrome extensions one by one. PixelBlock seems to be the culprit. Turn it on, no images show. Turn it off, problem goes away. All my other active extensions don't cause the problem.

Lenove x1 yoga, win 10, 32G memory, Spectrum internet with same as usual speedtest.

Pie Dev

Nov 2, 2023

PixelBlock is blocking all images

As of yesterday pixelblock is blocking all images in gmail now.

Elizabeth Bradley

Nov 2, 2023

Blocking Everything! Help!

Hello! This was fantastic extension for years until this month! You've updated something that went wrong and now it's blocking important images, emails, etc! I disabled by deduction but would love to get this back up and running as soon as you get it sorted. Please let me know! Thanks again!

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