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Chrome Based Digital Signage Player for PiSignage, a Digital Signage Solution for Small Enterprises.

Pisignage is a cloud-based Digital Signage Solution for Small Enterprises. The Signage Player is based on Raspberry Pi, an off-the-shelf credit-card sized Computer. The Cloud server comes with a simple Admin Panel, enabling you to deploy the solution in minutes. PiSignage on Chrome provides the same Signage Player features in a Chrome Application. By installing the app, you can experience the player functions in your PC/device and without the need for a Raspberry Pi. To get started, 1. Sign-up for free at www.pisignage.com 2. Download the Chrome app. 3. Register the Chrome app using the device ID displayed on the screen at pisignage.com 4. Upload media files and create a playlist. 5. Deploy to the registered device (you can create groups of players if needed and deploy selectively) For any queries, please contact support@pisignage.com. v2.8.0 Dec 30,2017 ------------------ 1. Brought the Chrome Player on par with v1.9.7 of piSignage Pi player (https://github.com/colloqi/piSignage/blob/master/RELEASE%20NOTES.md) 1. Emergency message feature under Group 2. Clock position either on top or bottom of screen, 12 or 24 hour format under Group settings 1. Radio link support for streaming audio 3. Avoid blank screen while playing single video in case of single video playlist 2. Validity of assets check in main playlist 3. Enable asset played log 1. Scheduling does not work in case of no Internet - fixed 1. Video mute option 1. Audio options for all zones and music playlists support 1. Ticker speed control 1. Independent playlist support for non-main zones 1. Increase maximum RSS items to 100 (from 10) and support description field as well from RSS feed to show v2.7.2 Aug 3,2017 ------------------ 1. Support for more media RSS sites 2. App inline with Progressive Web App for piSignage v2.7.1 Apr 24,2017 ------------------ 1. Fixed - Youtube with url reload option, autoplay was not happening in some cases v2.7.0 Apr 17,2017 ------------------ 1. Brought the Chrome Player on par with v1.8.9 of piSignage Pi player (https://github.com/colloqi/piSignage/blob/master/RELEASE%20NOTES.md) 2. Fixed issues like multiple download happening at the same time and other minor fixes 3. Features which are not available in Chrome Player as compared to Raspberry Pi Player - Player Snapshot - Player shell - Customisation of welcome screen - Boot Video - In case of HTML repo (.zip) upload, third party script executions are not allowed (please use weblink option after hosting the repo in a server) - RTSP streaming support - Animation support (fade animation is enabled) - CEC and TV ON/OFF support - Resolution is based on the PC settings - wifi, IP configurations are not part of the player v2.6.5 Dec 28,2016 ------------------- 1. Fixed permission issue for power api in 2.6.4 v2.6.4 Dec 28,2016 ------------------- 1. Prevent Chrome OS from going to sleep v2.6.3 Oct 20,2016 ------------------- 1. Solved the issue - Unable to change config server v2.6.2 Oct 05,2016 ------------------- 1. Force load link with timestamp if urlReloadDisable is not set v2.6.1 June 30,2016 ------------------- 1. Support Video in all zones, in zones other than main, video is looped till it is changed v2.6.0 June 9,2016 (in sync with 1.6.3 of pi player) --------------------------------------------------- 1. Portrait mode support in CSS 1. Group level Ticker 1. Switch to next playlist after complete download 1. Synchronised play across players 1. Fix for same day schedule not working 1. Support weblink 1. domain based license support 1. new 2ap270 and 2bp270 support **Changes not yet supported in Chrome Player** 1. Logo display 2. Snapshot support 3. Custom Layouts v2.5.0 Feb 1,2016 (in sync with 1.4.1 of pi player) --------------------------------------------------- 1. fullscreen support for individual assets and for adverts in multi-zone playlists 1. Added server and connection status to welcome screen & change status displayed 1. variable __connectionstatus__ added for ticker 1. Do not restart background music if already playing 1. License feature has been incorporated to Chrome Player 1. Scheduling playlist start-date and end-date errors when the timezone is less than GMT v2.4.0 Nov 30,2015 (in sync with 1.3.0 of pi player) --------------------------------------------------- 1. Duplicate and add the same asset multiple times to a playlist 2. Ability to change the background color of Signage Player under Group Display Settings 3. Introduction of new layouts 2c,2d 4. Introduction of __cpuid__ and __myipaddress__ variables in Ticker messages to display CPU ID and IP address 5. Stats for files played changed to make it more scalable 6. Option for not reloading link under Group Display Settings v2.3.2 Oct 26, 2015 ---------------------- 1. Added settings page to change server, cpuid and switch to secondary screen 2. Mouse Click or any key press will display settings icon for 5 seconds on screen, press the icon to goto settings page 3. Change the CPU id to maintain old license in case of app re-installation 4. Change the default server (pisignage.com) link to point to local server 5. In case of multiple displays, switch the display v2.2.6 Oct 6, 2015 ---------------------- 1. Fixed memory leak issues v2.2.4 Oct 1, 2015 ---------------------- 1. Fixed issues with html repo fix v2.2.3 Oct 1, 2015 ---------------------- 1. Deploying issues when player is offline during deploy 2. Video timeout issue v2.2.2 Sep 30, 2015 ---------------------- 1. Fixed the issue - Videos not autoplaying if there is only one video v2.2.1 Sep 24, 2015 ---------------------- 1. Reliability enhancements for video play 2. Changed PLaylist not syncing v2.1.7 Sep 22, 2015 ---------------------- 1.12 Hour format for Gcal Calendar (using toLocaleTimeString) v2.1.6 Sep 22, 2015 ---------------------- 1. Fixed Scheduling issues v2.1.4 Sep 21, 2015 ---------------------- 1. Added Google Calendar Support v2.1.3 Sep 19,2015 ---------------------- 1. Fixed issues with downloading of file (length check), ticker for download progress indicator and group changes v2.1.0 release note(Sep 17,2015) ------------------------------------- 1. Added RSS Ticker support 2. HTML repository as zip file upload support v2.0.4 release note(Sep 13,2015) ------------------------------------- 1. fixed layout 2a and last upload update issue v2.0.2 release note(Sep 13,2015) ------------------------------------- 1. Screen going black if not able to select playlist 2. device ID text selection using mouse 3. prod.html not included error v2.0.0 release note(Sep 13,2015) ------------------------------------- 1. Rewrote the app based on piSignage Player to make it full pledged player compatible with Pi Player 2. Compatible with Raspberry piSignage player except for the following (coming soon) - Support for Android/Chrome Remote - Ticker RSS feed support - HTML zip file support for playing v1.0.3/1.0.2 release note(Nov 14,2014) -------------------------------------- 1. added Google Calendar support for Chrome Player 2. group change issues fixed (1.0.3) v1.0.1 release note(Nov 2,2014) ------------------------------------ 1. fixed "not loading playlist first time after installation" 2. added audio support (audio file keeps playing in the background for images/notices), upload a mp3 file and add to the playlist before images. v1.0.0 new features(Nov 1, 2014) -------------------------------------- 1. health and event logging support 2. multiple playlist and scheduling of playlist 3. html notice support 4. version number in sync with Pi, version & platform reporting 5. bug fixes

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Martin PremontAug 12, 2017

Best Digital Signage App so far. Very powerful and easy to use

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Jeremy LynnesMay 10, 2017

We use Pisignage extensively at multiple locations and I'm really happy with it. Half of our units are dedicated Pi's but the other have use this Chrome App which works flawlessly and shows up as another Pi player in the interface.

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Pasi MakkonenDec 6, 2015



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