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John Rotenstein

Sep 1, 2020

Is there a way to change/deactivate the keyboard shortcut?

Ctrl-B clashes with other uses. Is there a way to change/deactivate the shortcut key?

Ιωνας κ

Apr 10, 2020

Works great but can you allow an option to customize bookmark shortcut

Works great but can you allow an option to customize bookmark shortcut?
Ctrl+B interferes with Google Docs, GMail, etc. apps. If I can set my own shortcut (or a check box for alternate shortcut (Choose Ctrl + Alt +B or Ctrl + B).

A Chrome Web Store user

May 25, 2016

API Token is not authenticated

When I click the icon to save a link, I am now presented with a "API Token is not authenticated." error at the bottom of the window. I have tried resetting and saving a new API token but that also does not work.

A Chrome Web Store user

Jun 26, 2015

Bug when saving


I get this bug suddenly while saving.

TypeError: Cannot read property 'result_code' of undefined

Also it would be great if not always tag fields were populated by Twitter and Facebook.

Steve Smith

May 3, 2015

Configurable shortcut


It would be nice to be able to configure the shortcut for the popup window, especially as Ctrl-B is used across a number of websites for making text bold (for example, GMail).


Jonathan Moore

Apr 3, 2015

adding tags

Congratulations on producing what I believe to be the best Pinboard extension available. However IMHO one element of the user experience could be improved. When entering a tag the automated search is finding the search term in any partial of the tag and not just from the first letter forward. This can be problematic considering the UI can only display four tag suggestions at any one time. e.g. I have multiple tags with the term tech (including 'tech' itself) - connected_tech, embedded_tech, music_tech, persuasive_tech etc, but the tag suggestions shows all the partial matches first. I believe it would be better if the UX followed the Pinboard model and present tag suggestions back based on first letter forward search criteria as partial match causes confusion. At the very least it should be user configurable.

Other than that the extension is a near perfect partner to within Chrome.

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