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Tomáš Kafka

Aug 23, 2023

Suggestion: Remove the "(4)" at the start of page title

Many sites nowadays put the notification counter to the title (Youtube, Substack) - usually as "(<number>) <original page title>". I would love if Pinboard Plus could automatically remove this counter. Thanks for reading the suggestion!

Nick Hustak

Dec 12, 2017

Cannot type into API box

Cannot type into API box to login anymore.

Francesco Mari

Nov 19, 2017

Black icon sometimes lies :-)

>> Is it possibile to have the icon black only when the bookmark has *really* been saved? <<

Sometimes the pin doesn't get saved, but the icon gets the black color, so the user thinks that's been saved, while it might not be saved actually...

Greg Burlile

Sep 30, 2017

Icon not changing...always grey

Hello. When sucessfully save a bookmark, the icon does not change. It is always grey. I made sure that the options was set to show the icon would change if i was on a site that has been saved.

Luigi Ray-Montañez

Jul 12, 2017


On a Mac, Cmd-Shift-P will open this extension. However, that conflicts with the hotkey combination to open Chrome DevTools' Command Menu.

I'd like to disable Cmd-Shift-P in this extension, or reassign it, so I can bring up the DevTools Command Menu.

Thank you!

David X. Lima

May 9, 2017

Wrap Selected Text with <blockquote>

Depending on the size of the selected text, Pinboard Plus won't upload all the text to the bookmark description, even though it should, because I've checked it and the number of characters accepted is shorter than Pinboard accepts.

This is the only thing that troubles me, other than that, I believe it is the best Pinboard extension available. Well done!

(I'm not sure if it has been fixed already, since I stopped using this extension because of it. I'm just giving it another shot and posting my dissatisfaction before checking it out.)

Brian Donahue

Mar 28, 2017

"Please check your connection"

Seeing this red error "Please check your connection" every time I try to use the plugin now. Can't save any bookmarks.

Isral DeBruin

Mar 13, 2017

Can't pin new URLs!

Since last week, anytime I try to pin a new URL, Pinboard Plus gives me a red error bar saying, "Pinboard API probably down." That doesn't seem to be the case, though. What's the solution?

David Parrott

Dec 8, 2016

Unable to Login

Since the last update I am unable to login with the API key.

Pasting into the box just returns "Login Failed" with no additional detail.

Ayla Stein Kenfield

Oct 13, 2016

Can't Login

I'm having issues with logging into Pinboard Plus. When I paste my Pinboard API key into the box and hit 'enter', the box goes white and nothing happens.

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