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Tegan Sharp

May 13, 2024

PiP not working

PiP won't work. The visual is not functioning and blends in with the background of the page it's showing on.

Rittika Goshal

May 8, 2024

A suggestion for new feature in extention

It is a really helpfull feature for doing multitasking on desktops and laptops. As per my opinion the same feature which is available for the videos,could've been there for the texts or documents also.It would be better if this feature could be applied on both the videos and text type files to make the work easier from both the sides.

Rian Henrique

Feb 5, 2024

Dúvida sobre atalho de teclado

olá gostaria de saber se existe algum atalho no teclado para minimizar o PIP.

Zach Connelly

Jan 30, 2024

Non-functional using hulu in chrome

Hulu does not work in google chrome browser, PIP toggle has no effect. This extension does however work in this scenario on edge and firefox.

Chrome Version: 120.0.6099.227 , and at least several prior.
All other extensions disabled.

Ajimullah Ansari 707070

Jan 13, 2024

extension problem

my extension is not working

Ajimullah Ansari 707070

Jan 13, 2024

my extension is not working properly

my chrome extension is not working

Nicola Bizzotto

Dec 22, 2023

Video slider

Can you please add a slider to move back/foreward through the video

Steven McCullagh

Dec 6, 2023

Trigger the built in PiP in Google Meet

In Google Meet there is a built in picture-in-picture feature which renders differently than this extension. I'd like this extension to trigger the built in picture-in-picture feature of Google Meet (or at least allow me to select which option I'd prefer in the settings).


Nov 23, 2023


Ubuntu 23.10/Chrome 119.0.6045.159にてYouTube動画をPIP表示した際、デスクトップが表示されている場合にのみマウスカーソルがこのウィンドウから離れてからも「タブに戻る」表示が消えないことがあります。

TarMal Game

Nov 8, 2023


Не можу встановити додаток в Google Chrome. Хоча встановлені три Google Перекладач і Adobe Acrobat Інструменти і Google Документи офлайн. Допоможіть будь ласка вирішити цю проблемі. Дякую.

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