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Sep 11, 2022

Why doesn't it work?

I like the idea of your app. the "Inspect elementI" is way too complicated. But: hover over image at, for example:

No details
What am I doing wrong?

Todd Andrews

Jun 21, 2019

High pixel-per-inch monitors

Can you add a new "scaled image" dimension calculation that would take into account the scaling factor being used by the computer and/or Chrome, and show the scaling factor% and pixels-per-inch?

Dmitry Pokidov

Nov 22, 2018

Support of <picture> elements


Big thank you for developing such a great extension. It's extremely useful and I'm loving it.

I found a small problem with <picture> tag when the dimension is showing for the <img> tag inside picture but not the <source> that is actually displayed. Would it be possible to add support for <picture> elements? I'm happy to help, but couldn't find sources.

Nat Raj

Apr 12, 2018

Video size

can you try the video Info also.

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