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Josh Borzick

Aug 16, 2021

"Loading Shared Albums..."

I used to use Photo New Tab and absolutely loved it, then one day it stopped working for me and instead showed "Loading Shared Albums..." I tried uninstalling/reinstalling and removing/re-granting access via my Google account. This was a year or two ago and I stopped using it. Yesterday I decided to give it another try and I'm still getting the same error.

Joseph Mignone

Apr 15, 2021

Picture loading after another picture is already loaded

Sometimes but not every time, when I enter in the new tab, I will see one of my pictures, but then it loads another one. When this happens the picture that was there previously is lower if I scroll down (this is also the only time I can scroll down).
If I were to guess the cause, I would say that maybe it's loading a picture in the cache previously shown if I haven't clicked a new tab in a while, although I can't remember if its the same picture.
While this isn't really a big issue, I thought I should bring it up.


Apr 20, 2020

I must be doing something wrong

Hi Cory;
I LOVE Photos New Tab and have been enjoying using it on my Chromebook for some time now. However, I just got a new Chromebook today but when I try to open a new tab, I get a random pic instead of my own G. Photos pics as I always would on my old Chromebook. I get a sign at the bottom of the random pic that says: "You need to connect your Google Account to see personalized photos". Then there's a button beside that says "Connect to Google Photos" - but nothing happens when I click on it. Is there something I'm missing here? When I go into my Extensions Manager for Photos New Tab, it lists that I have all the appropriate permissions, yet this is contradicted when I click on your little icon next to my address bar where it says "Can't read or change site's data" and the word "Options" below that is grayed out. I do enjoy Photos New Tab, so I hope you can help me!

Aaron Brandt

Oct 30, 2019


Loving this extension. Only problem is that I often see the same picture several times in a row or a few times close together. I opened 10 new tabs and got pictures A and B twice, and picture C three times. Could you look into this? Maybe have an option where you have to go through all the photos before you see one again?

Thanks for your time.

Rob Bednark

Jun 5, 2019

Iterate through all photos before repeating

I'd love it if Photos New Tab had functionality (either the default behavior, or a selectable feature) where it kept track of photos displayed, and didn't repeat any photos until they've all been displayed. Currently, it seems as if it's random, and if I open several tabs, I often see the same photo in multiple tabs (from an album of 523 photos).

A Chrome Web Store user

Mar 23, 2019

Version 0.23 still "Loading album data..."

I've got the latest version of the extension and it's still not working after the Photo API update. I'm getting a JS error which doesn't seem that hairy:

Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property 'map' of undefined
at main.bundle.js:formatted:481

The actual main_bundle.js is obviously minified, but after expanding it in the developer tools, I see that "r" is undefined at this point in the promise:

function z(e, n, t, a, i, c) {
var r = i ? T(n, t) : E(n, t);
a && (r = r + "&pageToken=" + a),
fetch(r).then(function(a) {
a.ok && a.json().then(function(a) {
var r = i ? a.sharedAlbums : a.albums
, l = {
return {
title: e.title,
visible: !0,
loaded: !1,
productUrl: e.productUrl,
isShared: i,
coverPhotoMediaItemId: e.coverPhotoMediaItemId,
numPhotos: parseInt(e.mediaItemsCount)
e.push.apply(e, o(l)),
a.nextPageToken ? z(e, n, t, a.nextPageToken, i, c) : c(e)

Can you take a look at it? Thanks!

A Chrome Web Store user

Mar 4, 2019

Stuck on "Getting list of albums..."

Hi, thanks for the great extension. My elderly mom is loving it. Unfortunately it stopped working for her. I've tried to remove it and reinstall it again, but we stuck at the "Getting list of albums..." screen. I also tried on my account with a different laptop, but it does the same. Is it possible that I just missing something, or maybe the extension is broken? Please help me if you can, my mom is very sad because she can't see the family photos. Thanks.

Michael Bauer

Jan 27, 2019

stuck on "getting list of albums"

Hello Cory, after installing your extension from the webstore it asks me to login to Google to get access to Google Photos. However, after logging in, whenever I open a new Tab, the extension is getting stuck on "Getting list of albums...". The loading animation is working, but no matter how long I wait, it doesn't load. I tried to reinstall the app, but the problem still persists. Do you know what is going on there and how i can get it running? Thank you.

Josiah Coad

Dec 9, 2018

Open Source Contributions

Hey Cory, is this open source? If so, I'd love to contribute. There's a couple of recommendations I'd like to make, if I may.
0. Can you please use the google Photo API instead of the strange "" that I've never heard of before and doesn't accurately reflect my google photos library.
1. The contain option would be nice if it looked a little more polished... reflective photo option, white backdrop, etc
2. Options to filter images shown by location, time, keyword, etc...
3. A thumbnail google map showing where the image was taken

Otherwise I love it! One of my favorite extensions. Again, would love to be able to contribute. Thanks!

P.S. I found in hope but the repo was empty!

Rob Bednark

Apr 21, 2018

Show history

Thank you for this excellent extension, Cory!

I would love to see a "history" button that I could click and show the history of photos shown. A lot of times I open a tab, go to a web page, and then someone says "Hey, what was that picture?", but I can't navigate back to it, because going back shows a new photo.

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