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Pimp Dawg Dre

Oct 20, 2020

contact iar

think u may need a workbench or chameleon. IAR just re released it

Ovande Furtado

Sep 10, 2020

Not working

The message does not appear...

Randall Reed

Feb 22, 2020


Clicking does nothing.

Oscar Sanchez Jr, BSc.

Jan 29, 2020

left clicking not doing anything

so I'm trying to use google photos, and I installed your extension and read the instructions to simply left click, and I don't get anything copied. Is this extension still supposed to work? Thank you for your help.

Jacques Fontenit

Nov 29, 2019

problème de connexion!! OU 0628420623
je n'arrive pas à me connecter

Matevz Leskovsek

Nov 14, 2019

Integrating link shortening service?

Hi, your extension Google Photos Direct Link works nicely but the link generated is very long, is it possible to integrate some link shortening service in extension? Maybe smthng like this

Golam Sarwar

May 29, 2019

google photos


A Chrome Web Store user

Jan 27, 2019

restore photos from cloud

i had a notebook with goggle powered...the notebook got damaged. how do i get my photos back

Tom Tengerdy

Jan 2, 2019

How do I copy and paste in bulk the https codes (links) so I can paste into eBay listings the photos of a car I'm selling. I'll build my eBay listing using HTTPS codes. Thanks

I am switching to Google Photos to be my photo storage rather than Photobucket. I need to copy in bulk all 62 HTTPS codes of the 62 photos of a car I'm posting on eBay. How to I grab the HTTPS codes in bulk to be able to paste into the eBay listing?

Jessica Jaurez /Burleson

Aug 18, 2018

not working

not doing anything

Google apps