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David Clouthier

Mar 18, 2024

I have paid photo transfer app

I turned an old MacBook pro into a Chromebook using chrome flex but I can't seem to get the app to pin to the menu bar or to open does it work on chrome flex

Lea Murin

Aug 27, 2022

cannot download photos to pc

when trying to download photos I get an error
Problem accessing /PhotoTransfer/ Reason:

Server Error

Verna Wright

Jun 1, 2022

cant get this to work- please refund money

I can't get the pictures to transfer from the camera

roberto ludgero de carvalho

Apr 1, 2021

transferencia de foto

nao entra no windows 7

Brian DiStefano

Aug 1, 2020

I can;t get the flash plug in to work!

I can;t get the flash plug in to work!

walk around

Jan 7, 2020

is there a way to just selecting everything to download instead of going page by page

I see it allows you to download but I have to tab to each page then select all to download. Is there a way to just move the entire folder of 80000+ photos to the drive instead of having to do it one page at a time? Thanks

Dennis Quigley

May 7, 2019

transfer iphone photos to chromebook

I have a series of photos that I wish to keep in chronological order (and to retain the date and time information that I believe is linked to each photo in a metadata file). Can this be done using your app?

Nelson Wood

May 11, 2018

connection problem

the windows photo transfer app on my pc cannot connect with my android tablet photo transfer app and both are on the same wifi network

Ashlie Lafferty

Mar 21, 2018


can it work with mp3

A Chrome Web Store user

Mar 18, 2018

my picture

I want my picture to be put on the

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