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A crypto wallet reimagined for DeFi & NFTs

Phantom is your trusted companion for web3. Our multichain wallet helps you explore web3, use apps, and buy, store, and trade crypto and NFTs across Solana, Ethereum, and Polygon. It’s easy, safe, and fun. For everyone. Keeps everything in one place - Use multiple chains with one wallet. No manually switching networks. - Seamlessly access the largest NFT marketplaces. - View and showcase your NFT collection. - Monitor all activity with detailed transaction history and notifications. - No limits on tokens, balances, or transactions. Powerful tools made for everyone - Do more with your NFTs – pin, hide, burn and list all from within your wallet. - Swap tokens super fast and at low fees. - Store, stake, and earn rewards with your tokens. - Easily list your NFTs on NFT marketplaces directly from Phantom. - Purchase crypto from over 7 sources including card and bank transfer. Best-in-class Security - As a self-custodial wallet, you have full control of your funds. We never have access. - Private by design. No name, email, or phone number required. - Scam detection flags malicious transactions instantly. - Connect your Ledger for added security. - Our global support team are here for you 24/7. Download Phantom to start exploring web3 today.

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    2024년 6월 25일
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