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Martin Michael

May 2, 2023

Very Good Tools

Volume Booster 2.0 is an extremely useful browser extension that allows

Jeanne Mariano

Mar 31, 2022

Stopped working/always crashes

I've used this extension a little bit of time and I can say that it was really great. It's simply that the fact that it only works with a few websites frustrates me. It doesn't function with any of the other websites I frequently visits. I found one that works on any and has a high sound quality


Nov 19, 2021

Enhancement Suggestions

By far, the main feature I wanted is already implemented in this extension. Some suggestions:
- Feature to list all the tabs that are currently making sound and be able to "one-click" go to them.
- Keyboard Hotkeys for volume control (Added in the Google Chrome Extensions Shortcut page)

hector beltran

Jun 16, 2021

por que no tiene volumen mi computadora

se le vajo el volumen i no lo puedo subir

-Valeska Bloom

Sep 6, 2020

ummm... directions?

I don't see the extension but it says its installed...

Will Ayling

May 3, 2020

Volume Control

The radio I listen to over writes the save profile when the website loads again.

Could you add a feature so that the volume can only be changed through the extension and not altered by the website. Maybe have a toggle by the website volume control.

This would make this the ultimate volume control extension :)


Mar 31, 2019

Change volume on whole website

I wish the extension could remember the volume on a whole URL. The way it is now, I have to alter the volume for each URL on bandcamp, for example.

BTW, it's not working on Duolingo. I have no clue why.

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