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pavan gupta

Sep 6, 2021


Hi Team,
Nice Tools,
I have a question.
How to export/download the results?

Rohini Lagade

Apr 7, 2021

Is it need to sign up or install this tool,please share any guide video link for that

Is it need to sign up or install this tool,please share any guide video link for that

Team Solution QA

Dec 18, 2019

Need a guide document

Could you send me a guide document this tool?


Apr 16, 2019

View everything

Very useful tool except that the scrollbar doesn't appear unless I zoom out - and then the text is too small to read. I can't see anything below the pie charts. Any way to fix this?

Daniel Hannan

Apr 17, 2018


i cant hear any music or films but it makes a sound when i turn it on

aravindhan padmanabhan

Apr 7, 2017

Exporting Report

How can I export report out of it??

Sanjoy Banerjee

Dec 24, 2016

Can someone reply what is Duration Parallel (ms)

I tried to calculate all the fields which are working fine except for Duration Parallel

otal Requests: 150

Domains Total: 32

Requests by Domain Requests Avg. Duration (ms) Duration Parallel (ms) Duration Sum (ms) Percentage

Vijay Shanker Mishra

Dec 22, 2016

not showing complete results

When i check the results on performance analyzer screen, it is not showing complete results, it looks like the lower 2/3 portion is blank.

himanshu agrahari

Nov 7, 2016

Exporting report

How can I export this report ?

Deepak Bagade

Sep 16, 2016

Enable export of report into jpg or pdf

The tool is great, gives all the necessary details. I feel if you could enable export of the report into jpg or excel will add value to it, not sure whether it will be too much for a freeware

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