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A Chrome Web Store user

Sep 20, 2018

please add some comma

10 + 1 % = 10.1 NOT 10
as like 100+1% = 101

Gabriel Satterlee

Jul 18, 2017

comma separators

Can you please add the ability to use commas as the appropriate separators in the fields. it would make it a lot easier to be accurate when inputing big numbers especially when there are a good number of zeros.

9,000,000 vs 9000000


A Chrome Web Store user

Feb 28, 2017

No longer works

Clicked on the app and it says that the link is no longer working.

Raul-Isaac Mendez-Vasquez

Jan 19, 2015


Is it really necessary to click "Evaluate" after filling the available fields always? It would be a nice features having the extension doing it automatically after entering the numbers in the fields.

Raul-Isaac Mendez-Vasquez

Jan 19, 2015


Another useful option would be the ability to set the number of decimals (or precision) of the calculations.

Raul-Isaac Mendez-Vasquez

Jan 19, 2015


Hi there,
i would be really nice having the possibility to choose "dots" or "comma" symbols for decimal values

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