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Paul Sibson

Feb 2, 2023

PT suddenly stopped working in MyHeritage

I have captured many DNA and matches with PT But now although the icon is coloured and recognises the information nothing happens when I click on it except it opens the menu page


Nov 27, 2021

Walk-through of the use of v2.5.9

Is there a page with a walkthrough of how to use v2.5.9?
There seem to be differences from what I've seen on the web.

Catherine Spry

Mar 11, 2021

Pedagree Thief does not work

For last 2 years I've been trying to use this app with: MyHeritage, GEDmatch, & FamilyTreeDNA, and in all that time it worked has only worked twice. I believe the problem is on your end and with app. As there's been no improvement whatsoever, I'm removing your app now & will NEVER try it again. Thanks for nothing. Worst app ever.

Doug Saucier

Jan 21, 2021

Pedigree Thief with GEDmatch

Tried to use Pedigree Thief with GEDmatch using the Matching One or Two Kits tool. Followed the instructions in the User Guide. Never got the Save ICW button. Pedigree Thief is the only Chrome Extension in the browser.

Jay Ingalls

Jan 13, 2021

Can not create valid Gedcom file from with P2G

Dates bad, no continuous family connections. Just parent and child.
Can send a text file copy of errors report. I think I did it the same as before when it worked.

Dean C

Jun 6, 2020

MyHeritage Triangulation matches failed to recognise

Hi developer,

I ran into the following problems: I've opened MyHeritage website and under my 'Review DNA matches' with my mother, I started 'reading' all my matches in 'Pedigree thief' (v2.2.0.6) tab in Chrome browser. When it completed reading 265 matches, I could save 264 under ICW button but there are none under Triangulation button as there are clearly many triangulation matches on MyHeritage page. Why did Pedigree thief failed to recognise or read them? Can you suggest a solution to this? I've updated to latest Chrome version and enabled to access MyHeritage site.

Thank you.

Mark Carroll

Dec 4, 2019


No Save ICW button or toggle button on gedmatch

Jan Bergquist

Nov 22, 2019

FamilyTree site changing

I can't use Pedigree Thief on FT site for now. It's only grey.
It seems that the trees are using the site
Is this the reason why PT isn't working now? Can it be 'amended'?

Thanks .. / Jan

Traci Martin

Aug 26, 2019

Pedigree to gedcom is not working

Not sure why but a dialogue box opens briefly and then shuts down. I can never get the utility to run. I have no idea how else to convert an ahnentafel to a gedcom..


Jenny Franklin

Aug 25, 2019

not collecting My Heritage triangulations beyond the first one

This is an intermittent issue but happens often

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