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Mike CushingAug 26, 2021

Invaluable companion for GDAT. I'm perplexed to see some of the comments in other reviews. I collect DNA data and trees from GEDMatch and MyHeritage on a daily basis. The developer regularly updates the extension to accommodate frequent changes made by these services. It worked great with Ancestry until they threatened all software tools that collect or analyze data from their site with legal action. The facebook support page provides rapid support from many users and from the developer.

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David GlassJan 28, 2020

Was working great but has stopped reading trees on ancestryDNA (28 Jan 2020). It still says it has access but then when you click there is no activity anymore and it just hangs saying: Pedigree Thief v2.1.5.11 Reading pedigree - please wait

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Colin ThomsonDeveloperJan 30, 2020

Ancestry have changed the code on the Pedigree page but after 2/3 days they change it back to the original code. Then, a few days later, change it back again. It's frustrating but I'm trying to adapt Pedigree Thief to work with the new coding but I can only do so when it's available. I'll release an update as soon as possible. Thanks for the 5 star review.

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Jim DavisDec 18, 2019

A Must-Have for genealogy, especially those doing DNA match research.

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Jayne LeinOct 9, 2019

Works great but a few issues. Many Ancestry trees get duplicates in the ahnentafel making that aren't in the original tree leading me to believe that people might be missing or mis-numbered. This leads me to mistrust the data it's giving me. It also crashes sometimes with complex relationships (children of common parents appearing on either side of the tree).

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Colin ThomsonDeveloperOct 11, 2019

Could you email me at with the URLs of the trees that are being misread? This will allow me to try and identify the problem(s)!

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Stephanie LynJul 22, 2019

I was hoping this would be a suitable replacement for the no longer working ancestry dna helper. Unfortunately it falls very short. You have to download each matches tree one at a time. Not only that but apparently downloading your matches shared matches only works if you have genome mate pro. I'm not looking to get programs, I just wanted a simple addon like ancestrydnahelper was to simply download my matches data.

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Colin ThomsonDeveloperJul 25, 2019

I'm sorry that you feel the need to give a one star review. The extension states quite clearly in the Web Store overview, in it's Help page and in the Facebook group, that it is to assist with data input to Genome Mate Pro. Nowhere does it claim to be a replacement for dnaHelper. Yes, trees are gathered one at a time and this is deliberate as I prefer to edit and/or expand a tree before importing it to GMP. If you wish to gather trees en-masse then I would recommend that you subscribe to dnaGedcom.

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Seattle GalJan 1, 2019

This used to work, but doesn't anymore... what has changed? I can't see public trees anymore, it comes up with information from my own family, including my Aunt who is no relation to the person who's tree I was looking into.

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Sarah BrooksOct 18, 2018

Love this app and how it shows the ahnatafel(sp) for pedigrees across all of the dna genealogy matching companies. Great tool! Thanks!

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Kyle DavenportOct 17, 2018

Doesn't seem to be working for me. I get no icon on public member tree pedigrees or on list of DNA matches or on their shared matches. I get a single "Download Ancestors" button when viewing the pedigree of a DNA match. The CSV download works but the file says "Ancestry of null.csv" and shows only name & dates. Was hoping for place too. Help implies something is supposed to happen on a set of matches which is obviously very important with 30,000 matches.

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Colin ThomsonDeveloperOct 18, 2018

The Pedigree Thief icon should change colour on the pages it operates on. Just click the icon to start it running. I now realise that the button you are referring to belongs to AncestryDNA Helper.

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Tech InstOct 12, 2018

Would be nice if you provided a method to convert the data

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Colin ThomsonDeveloperOct 14, 2018

Convert? Could you expand what you are looking for?

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J.L. FranklinAug 9, 2018

Essential tool for getting the most out of DNA kits for genetic genealogy.

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