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Mures Lamasanu

Nov 8, 2023

Search term including commas

Hi, is it possible to include a comma in the search text, instead of using it as a separator?


Apr 20, 2022

How to use

The Pearls icon doesn't show up anywhere on chrome. how do i use it?

Matthew Stein

Feb 10, 2022

Any way to save/restore items I want to always have at the ready in Pearls?

We nearly always have a list of things we look for and when the list disappears from the Pearls extension, we have to punch it back in. Any way to store them more permanently? I presume the "every page" section, which seems to be semi-permanent is the way to do that?

io ln

Jul 4, 2021

hot key ?

hot key ?

jim orrell

Dec 30, 2020


[1] On this site
the first 2 highlights are always yellow, other sites only the first.
I think there is something with this site as Twinword Finder does not work on it at all.
[2] also suggestion - Is it possible to NOT use yellow or orange as a highlight (or later in the order), that way if the standard chrome search is used there is no confusion (orange is the chrome colour when selected). I suppose being able to select highlighht colours and order would be nice!


Dec 8, 2020

Partnership - business proposal

Hi , we need to contact your offices or representatives for explaining a business proposal that we need to offer to a large and worldwide client. Please contact us as soon as possible at : . Awaiting for your reply as soon as possible . Thanks and best regards. Oswald T.

jay Sun

Aug 23, 2020

not doing anything for Chinese characters

The extension performs very well with English texts.

However, I tried to use it in a set of files in Chineses ( on linux), and realized that it did not do anything with Chinese characters.

Is it difficult to add support for characters other than English?


Warlock James

Jun 24, 2020

Not working with readers mode

Hey, am I the only who got this issue or is it actually not working with readers mode. If it's not then can you make it work.

Va Siliy

Feb 17, 2020

the problem of merging with the background of the site

Hello. Good extension. I use this extension to highlight requests on one specific site. This site has a green background and the third most popular search word merges with the background. How to solve the problem?

Saif Mustafa

Jan 28, 2020

Add a site black list, especially for gSheets where this seems to interact negatively with huge sheets

Add a site black list, especially for gSheets where this might interact negatively with huge sheets.

Disabling Pearls makes extremely large gsheets slightly more stable, I think.

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