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Webb Warren

Apr 6, 2021

Glitch with blank round entered. Doesn't appear to let you proceed or clear the rounds.

If submit is inadvertently clicked with incomplete info for a round, a blank round shows up which doesn't allow you to proceed with a ratings estimate. Can't delete an individual round. Also, clear rounds button is no longer available (that I can tell). So without resetting the plug-in, I can't seem to proceed (unless I'm missing something).

Gabe LaBounty

Oct 13, 2020

Editing rating for previously entered round breaks calculation

After editing the rating for an added round, the Adjusted Rating value changes to an incredibly large number needing exponent notation to be expressed. This can be worked around by deleting the round and adding it again with a different rating.

Tracy P

May 7, 2019

Can't Add a Round

The pop-up box appears when I click on 'Add a Round,' but after I enter my info and press submit, nothing happens.

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