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May 21, 2024



Gabriel Campos

May 18, 2024

Nova Versão do CHROME.

A Extensão vai passar por uma atualização para funcionar na nova versão do chrome? Parou de funcionar após a atualização e está ficando com algumas páginas em branco.

Nicki Sloan

May 8, 2024

Do you collect any information from the content of the viewed PDF's?

Does your software take any of the information or images contained in the PDF viewer and use it in any way? I don't want the confidential information in any PDF I open in your app to be lost to anyone, especially a company like Google who harvests information and sells it to anyone who can buy it.

ioanis Diamantidis

Apr 29, 2024

pdf structure invalid

cant read pdf files


Mar 31, 2024

PDF Viewer not working on MacBook?

I downloaded this on my 2022 macBook, because the standard viewer that comes with chrome would not download files. I can't figure out how to get chrome to use it when there is a pdf to be viewed. When selecting the extension, it brings up the viewer with a sample PDF which can be downloaded, but how to use it to open up URL's??

KRX Evensen

Feb 19, 2024

PDF Not working correctly

About 3 weeks ago PDF was working correctly , Then on a monday morning when i went to use it no longer working I,ve unstalled & reinstalled I had gone in setting & Checked everything i know to check still not working .. I have turned on but I have noticed that the extension tab @ top of page when it shows me the extensions the PDF viewer is deamer / not looking like the other one ... ???

Chad Gray

Jan 16, 2024

Printing is low resolution

When i print a PDF they come out in a low resolution. Like pixelated. If i open the PDF in Edge the PDF prints much higher quality.

I could not find a setting to fix this.

Hairunnazri Haron

Jan 2, 2024

Publish PDF Viewer to Microsoft Edge Add-ons

Hello. We encounter some challenge where our environment only allowed Microsoft Edge to be used. This giving us an issue where we are trying to deploy by Intune push, which is not supported at the moment (extension can workes in Edge but the deployment method). We hope this can be published in MS Edge Add-ons so that we can continue push for mass use in our environment. Appreciate your consideration. Thank you.

Thomas Steiner

Dec 14, 2023

Default zoom level does not save permanently

Since I can't find a search here, I'll report it as a new problem.
I can't set the default zoom level permanently in Chrome. The automatic zoom setting is always used. Is this a bug or is there a special trick to persist this?

Ethan Zhou

Oct 31, 2023

Any option to disable the red text blocks in content?

I think I checked all the possible options to disable the red text block in contents of a book but actually I didn't find there is such an option.

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