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Jansen Manatum Tan

Nov 8, 2022

Issue with creating marks and going to a mark

Marks.activateCreate and Marks.activate don't work.
For example, pressing "m" does Marks.activateCreate, but pressing any other key will not register to create a mark. Same for Marks.activate.


Apr 28, 2022

reloading is different from default behavior

When viewing a local pdf and I press r, it reloads and goes back to the first page on the pdf. If I just press the reload button of the browser it preferably reloads and stays on the same page I was on. The latter is the best method because I can add text in Foxit and save and reload and not miss a beat.

Yukinobu Hatano

Apr 27, 2022

Right binding

I hope you to develop a function of `spread view`
that book bound on the right side, like a Japanese book.

Anton Shushar

Oct 31, 2020

Blurry pages

I do really like the viewer, however I feel discomfort whenever I need to zoom in the page. Especially if the PDF is a big format image, everything gets blurry. I tried the native Chrome's viewer and that gives me perfectly sharp text.
Doesn't this viewer support vector objects in the PDF to keep them clean?

Ryan Persson

Sep 25, 2020

Default Setting Does Not Work

I love this extension and have been using it for a long time!

However, about a month ago it started having a weird issue. When I opened a PDF file in chrome, no PDF file would load. It would just show a blank field where the book/content would normally be. I determined that this only occurred when pdf-viewer-for-vimium-c was enabled. Disabling the extension allowed PDF's to load normally.

After some experimentation, I figured out that going into pdf-viewer-for-vimium-c>options and changing the setting "Prefer keeping URLs in the address bar unchanged" to False, fixed the issue & PDF's were able to load in chrome again while using this extension to navigate.

Dallin Clayton

Jun 26, 2020

Jump to Mark on PDF not working

I love this extension so much. One thing I've noticed though is that jumping to local marks does not seem to work on pdfs. It works on other sites, and on pdfs the tooltips pop up saying "local mark created" and "jumping to local mark" but the pdf page does not scroll at all. This would make it very useful for reading longer research papers and similar documents.

Mark Engelbert

Apr 24, 2020

Brave browswer?

This extension works for me in Chrome and Vivaldi browsers, but not Brave. With the extension installed on Brave, PDFs still open with the default viewer. Any tips/can this functionality be added?

Clay Shoaf

Aug 31, 2019


Why does this need to be able to change all of my data on a webpage? Also, will it allow Vimium's tab navigation, or is this just navigation within a PDF?

Chuanwei Zhang

Jul 22, 2019

Firefox extension

It is impolite to ask here, but is it possible you do one for firefox too. I use firefox for work

David El Sabawy

Feb 2, 2019

Show Progress for loading PDF's

Really nice extension but would be awesome if it showed progress for PDF's being loaded in!

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