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Sunset_65 Grefsrud

Jan 23, 2023

I am on a free trial and I want to cancel my subscription but I cannot find any way to do that. Please do not charge my credit card....If I see a charge on my card I will dispute it and as a business owner I know what a hassle that will be for your company

Need to cancel and can't find any way to do that

Raymond Morris

Jan 10, 2023

What to subscribe to

I received a message that my subsription was expiring. I need to determine what app I had been subscribed to as I had a problem with opening some PDF files. I would like to determine what I should be subsribing to.

Raymond Morris

charles knapp

May 20, 2022


I'm playing Runescape mobile it keeps crashing on my and when i do get to play this game in 10 minutes the screen starts to flicker fast and its only thing game all my other games works just fine and this started only this month can you pleas help.

Joyce Berry

May 16, 2022

Adobe Reader

Everytime I use a PDF or Excel file , a dialog box opens and asks me to update?
I do not know if my subscription in over ????
Can you help me/?

Ted Williams

Jan 25, 2022

Can't find files

How do I find my documents that I singed

John Jensen

Dec 5, 2021

PDF Filer

I just downloaded your file and I guess your free trial. I do not want this program on my computer, please cancel and advise how to remove it.


Oct 26, 2021


I'm on the free trail period and I would like to cancel. Because I cannot edit anything to a pdf. Please let me know how to cancel.

Herbert Kennedy Jr

Jul 14, 2021


cannot seem to find anywhere to do this !!

Margaret Hope

May 13, 2021


Hello, I am only on the Free Trial, but would like to cancel. Please let me know how to do that. Thank you.

Helena R.

Apr 14, 2021

How to cancel

hello I would like to cancel any subscription's please. I do not need the app

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