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Sep 4, 2023

Ability to Add a Whitelist

I'd like to pause * domains while still allowing

Jens Hein

Oct 24, 2022

Seems to break links out of LinkedIn


I really love the "Freedom Technology Stack" and have been a user of Freedom for quite a while now.
Only just recently did I stumble upon this nice extension and am really happy about it.
I was using something similar on my smart phone for a while as well (do you also plan to offer this for mobile usage?).

Now here is the problem I'm facing:
I'm using LinkedIn quite a while and when you click on a link there,
it typcially goes to an website that just checks,
if you really planned to leave LinkedIn.

And it seems like some part of this doesn't work well with this extension.
It at least breaks those links and shows me that they are not reachable.

Would be great if you could check and sort this out.


Bostan V. Daniel

Oct 12, 2022

Pause from Pause

It would be cool to have a function to stop pause(extension) for only 5 (or 15 or 30 or ecc )minutes, that will automaticaly turn on (pause) extension when the selected time ends. It would be good for people who work with the pomodoro timer, and have trouble stoping as soon as the 5 mins pause ends

Justin Porteus

Jun 21, 2022


It would be helpful if you could whitelist certain specific sites. For instance, I work on YouTube, so I need access to regularly, but I'd like to keep just paused. Currently it does not look like there is a way to do this.

Дмитро Шостак

Jun 9, 2022


Is it possible to remove from pause-list but keep ?

Wim Amels

Mar 19, 2022

Not working on all devices

Hi, The extension works on my mac (hooray!), but I have the same chrome account running on my Fairphone (android), but on my phone it doesnt do anything, what am I doing wrong? Best, Wim


Feb 24, 2022

No effect when adding websites

Whenever I want to add a website in Settings, I see it in the "Paused websites" but it does not actually pause that site. The default sites are working fine and pause when I go to them

Frank Maloney

Jan 6, 2022

Incognito bug

Overall, not a bad plugin. However it never works correctly in Incognito windows on my Mac. Pages are blocked, however there is no green screen or the option to continue. You have to disable Pause to continue. The screen is black and simply displays the error: "ljfdccdjpfjpfjbpdiihanpodilolofh is blockedThis page has been blocked by Chrome ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT" Also, this error is exactly the same for all blocked pages.

Y Vee

Sep 24, 2020

On install of extension, I get a message saying the extension can read and modify data on the websites I'm visiting. Does this include passwords and other sensitive info?

Install concerns

Nick McCollum

Feb 20, 2020

24 hour undo

When I choose to allow a site to bypass the "pause" for 24 hours, is there a way to undo? Sometimes I click that option by accident since there are 3 options that aren't super clear 1. Continue 2. Ad for Freedom app 3. 24 hour setting

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