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Oct 10, 2022


que no se puede descargar el juego

Rajarshi Rit

Jun 14, 2016

Some suggestions

1. Keep an option to stay on one game(grid) , so that one-game could be played more-than-one times, in more-than one ways.

2. Please keep an option to turn-off the chaser.

3. Keep the Menu-button accessible in all-the pages.

4. On the game-page, keep a back-button to go to select-level page.

5. could-add some background musics.

rajarshi rit

May 27, 2015

excellent; but emphasizing REFLEX ACTION only

THOUGH Excellent;( because practice finding points having good connectivity with other points; developing THOUGHT-SKILL);BUT
due to SPEED and TIME-LIMIT;THE GAME allowing practice REFLEX ACTIONS ONLY. IF THERE WOULD AN OPTION FOR for playing ONE game continuously,calmly WITHOUT TIME-CHALLENGE; it would be REALLY EXCELLENT. Constructive Criticism.

Kyle Esterley

May 14, 2015

First game I found like ours

So we have been working on a game for the past two years of the same concept using the eularien networks. We were at first going to make it much like yours is now. But there is one big difference between ours. So hopefully it will still work out for us. How has the response been? Is it only available on Chrome? Thanks for you time. Good job too.

Nicole Miller

Apr 9, 2015

Have limited amount of tries

Can you have an amount of tries? It won't be fair if you have unlimited lives because then you'll be trying all day to beat the same level over and over again.


Mar 7, 2015

This webpage is not available

A secure connection cannot be established because this site uses an unsupported protocol.

Rodney Roddewig

Feb 8, 2015

more, please....

I love this game. more new patterns, please.

June Muraco

Dec 20, 2014


When I try to sample the games they don't do anything. What is the secret to trying them out?


Sep 23, 2014

Problems and bugs

The first time I installed was in Portuguese. The second time came in another language and did not understand the menus.
At the beginning there is a link in the menu to report issues and feedback but after starting the game, ese menu link no longer appears.

Yu Sa

Sep 19, 2014

Translate on russian

I can help to you transate your game on russian. Text in game is very-very bad :-( I ca translate only text for game, I cann't write it on HTML. Sorry for gramma, I think, that you understand me)

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