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Duarte Gastelum Abraham

Jun 24, 2023

Hay que mejorar

Ayudenme a mejorar.


Mar 7, 2018

I have tried PaperCuts and Paste It and not working

I have tried PaperCuts and Paste it and they are not working in Chrome, This is the second OS that is having issue, I can never get it to work.

Susan Hemmer

Oct 11, 2017

Paste It

I paid $5.00 yesterday for the Paste It app not knowing that I needed Chrome to use it. Can you refund that, please.
I had installed Chrome a few months ago but had to uninstall it bc it was causing me problems I couldn’t cope with. I’m old!

Peter N

Aug 10, 2015

Allow multiple text string options

Allow multiple options in dropdown menu, for different email addresses and items, etc.

Include a default text to be pasted using the button.

Roman Grinyov

Jun 17, 2015

More strings

Two strings (basic and alternate) is not enough.

Marcy Stern

Apr 20, 2015

where is it

I just downloaded past it onto my chromebook, but it's not in the drawer.

taraf04 .net

Aug 3, 2012

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