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Marcelo L F L Penna

Feb 5, 2024

não consigo acessar meu app no windows 7

depois que a atualizei o app para o safeincloud 2 não consigo acessar mais meus dados

Orlando Fernando Marconi

Jan 8, 2024

Every time I log in to Chrome it wants to save the password again! Irritating

After updating to version 2 EVERY time it asks to save the same password, from the same user, at the same URL! Sometimes it doesn't recognize it because it's missing an "s" in the http, damn it!

Juan Imery

Jan 4, 2024

Autofill not working in Chrome for Mac

I do not see an option for autofill with the chrome extension installed

stefano bosco

Nov 28, 2023

Non compila più automaticamente

Non compila più automaticamente, dice di eseguire l'estensione ma l'ho già fatto...cosa posso fare? Grazie mille


Aug 8, 2023

SafeInCloud e' bloccato. Fai Clic sull'icona

Buongiorno ho installato l'estensione per i Browsers Chrome-Mozilla-Edge, ma mi appare questo messaggio d'errore quando premo Ctrl+Shift+8 mentre devo effettuare il login su qualsiasi sito. SafeInCloud e' in esecuzione ed e' sbloccato avendo inserito la password.
Cosa devo controllare?
Fabrizio Fermanti

Michael Tichy

Jul 31, 2023


Könnte man nicht bitte endlich die 2 Faktor Authentifizierung implementieren? Dass wäre in der heutigen Zeit schon wirklich noch wichtig! Danke!


May 18, 2023


Kann ich die Erweiterung auf einem Chromebook im Chrome Browser nutzen? App läuft im Hintergrund, trotzdem funktioniert die Erweiterung nicht.

Bernd Hübner

Jan 6, 2023


Wird nicht im hintergrund ausgeführt

Christian Brackmann

Nov 27, 2022

Generate password

It would be great if you could add an option to generate a password in the extension.

Taufiq Alibhai

May 3, 2022

Not Updating

The Data between my desktop app and my chrome extension has stopped syncing.

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