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Charlie Belliere

May 16, 2024

Not working

I have used the free trial and now just paid to subscribe but Parsley is not working. It says:
An issue has been detected with the connection to Bullhorn, please ask the account manager to reauthenticate.
Can you help?

Karine Gagnon

Aug 22, 2023

adding candidates

Good day

you guys did the update and its nice, but when adding a candidate for Jobadder, but when adding a candidate, the list is not only my list of role to choose from but also the one from all my other colleague.. its a too long to do. Is it possible to have only MY list to choose from thats on my job adder and nothing having to choose from the jobs from my entire company. thanks

julian clauson

Mar 14, 2022

Linkedin URL profile

Hi I notice when you create a contact from Linkedin it does not add the individuals Linkedin profile to the CRM in this case which is Jobadder and you have to go into jobadder and do that manually. Is this a bug or the system just wont do it?

Stephen Borer

Sep 1, 2021

Invite members / response to helpdesk emails

I paid for a month for 5 seats but the invite member function is not working. As such, only my account is working.
Also, I paid for the team after trying it once but once I had paid, it removed my free trial and started the month immediately effectively meaning I missed out on the trial period.
Please help.

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