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Nick Baggott

Dec 6, 2023

Milestones only true for the latest parkrun

Hi, great extension, I use it a lot, usually for the latest parkrun. In this case it shows the correct milestones for that week. However, when I look at a past week the milestones are wrong. I understand why - it's because the parkrun website displays the current number of runs against each individual, rather than the number of runs they completed on any particular historic date. You obviously don't have access to the data to find out when someone genuinely hit the milestone so I'd recommend blanking out the milestones information when the page being displayed is from a previous week.


Aug 16, 2023

Fantastic extension

Is it possible to use this extension on a mobile phone, perhaps? Kudos to the developers, I love it on my laptop!

Martin Harrap

Feb 26, 2023

Age grade over 100%

Good evening from NZ, We have a 99 (yes Ninety nine) year old who does parkrun on a regularly basis, like EVERY week. At this age he is fast with most week having an Age grade over 100% and in fact has a percent of 117.61%!! Your Chrome extension does NOT like this as when he is in this position of over 100% the extension does not like it and goes to the higest male UNDER 100%. Can you look into this please. I am a Event Director for Whangarei parkrun in NZ my number is A4124015 and can you please reply to Thanks Martin

James Greenwood

Nov 19, 2022

Volunteer milestones

This is fab - thank you! However not sure if I'm just being daft but is there any way to see volunteer milestones as well as runners? Thanks

Garrett Clancy

Oct 14, 2022

Display visitors home parkruns

Was just wondering if possible to display visitors 'home parkrun' where they are registered?


Simon Teale

Oct 9, 2021

Adding in the new parkrun milestones

parkrun UK (not sure about rest of world) now celebrates 25 runs and also 25/50/100/250/500/1000 volunteering days.

1. Please could you add 25 runs to the running milestones section?
2. Please culd you find a way to expose volunteering milestones????!!!!!!!

Thanks for your extension - saves Run Directors a lot of time each week!


Ada Macey

Feb 27, 2020

Gender issue

So, I'm a transgender runner. In the past, I used to run as a male. When I look back at historical runs, my old category is correct. So, it will still show my PB as VM40-44. However, the parkrun results show my gender as female. As a result, the extension pulls gets my age bracket correctly, but shows my extended data in the female section.

For historical events, it would probably be more accurate to pull my gender at the time I ran it from my category (VM) rather than the gender column.

To see an example, have a look at

I came in 4th overall on that one, and you can see in the extended data I am listed in the female section, even though I ran that parkrus a male

Игорь Матвеев

Nov 1, 2019

Новый дизайн

Сергей, а будет ли адаптация к новому дизайну?, сейчас не работает, а очень удобное приложение

Barnie de Klerk

Aug 4, 2019

parkrun Extended Info

Any chance of adding the date to the tables - Taking screenshots, will be nice to see the date - Thanking you for lovely extension

Sebastian Wojciechowski

Jul 7, 2019

First timers not counted correctly on Polish result forms

First timer just recently was transated to Debiutant on Polish result forms and the plugin stopped counted them.

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