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Imtiaz Ali

Jun 25, 2024

JCR 2024

Can you please update with the recent JCR?

Mafalda Teles Roxo

Apr 13, 2024


Is there anty problem with the plugin, because it worked when I was searching in Scopus Database, and when, when I search there, I can no longer see the ranking

Lê Đạt

Jan 26, 2024

ABDC ranking


This plugin looks helpful. Can you add ABDC ranking too? Thanks

Muhammad Aaqib Shamim

Sep 1, 2023


Hi, the plugin looks interesting

May I know which year's quartile information you use? The WoS quartile ranking of journals is revised each year, and is not made public but subscribing institutes have access and make algorithms based on it
So, do you use the latest 2022 info?

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