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Aureline J.

Jan 12, 2022

Extension does absolutely nothing

I really like the idea of your extension but in my case, it doesn't do anything at all.
Neither with choosing a section from the pull-down menu, nor with enabling "read highlighted", then highlight some text, then clicking play. I've found that, regardless of audio devices, there is absolutely no audio output by Chrome itself (while e.g. YouTube and any other page with audio output works fine).
I've tried local PDFs, PDFs from online sources and even PDFs from a few of the 5 journals to select from (I assume those are just presets tailored to those journals' particular layouts but in no way necessary for the TTS output to work).

My Chrome is version 96.0.4664.110 (64 Bit) on Windows 10.

If you have any idea what could help, I'd be glad to give it another go and recommend/advertise it.
I assume that, for now, this is just a hobby project for you grown from a tool for personal use but I'm sure there's actually quite a market out there for TTS for academic papers, since there are so many use cases for TTS and so many people use it while commuting or jogging or doing chores or because they have impaired vision...
and while speech synthesis, intonation etc. are quite acceptable and widely available as a basis for all kinds of projects, just about every piece of software employing TTS is useless for academic papers simply because every last letter of every reference and URL will be read.
Sorry for the rant, I'd really like your extension to work!

Peter Beerbower

Jun 1, 2021

Reader stops after a few dozen words

I'm attempting to read PDFs on my HP laptop with your extension; I've found the reader to stop after a few dozen words. Do you know if there is anything I can do to fix this? Thanks!

Becca Nicholls

May 18, 2021

Just stops

Thank you for this app, I have been using this reader for months to read a lot of papers and work (Thank you for your help previously) and makes it a lot easier for me to take in information, especially with my work and lifestyle. But in the past few weeks it just stops, it gets to about 40 words and stops reading for no reason, it used to read thousands without problems. Any idea on the cause or a fix? this happens on any device or computer I use it on now.

Jess Perry

May 12, 2021

Types of journals

Hi, is it only the specific journals stated (Nature, Cells, Science etc) that you can use to listen to articles? I haven't been able to get the extension to work yet and wondered if it is because of my area (Psychology) - so those journals are not relevant unfortunately. Great extension!

Kelly Rouva

Apr 10, 2021

problem with installation

hello i cannot install the app paper to audio

Filipe Rocha

Feb 25, 2021

App no longer available

I was trying to use paper to speech App. It looked very promising... However, when I tried to install the App, it says it is no longer available.
Are you planning to launch the App again?
Thank you,

Becca Nicholls

Feb 1, 2021

Can this read papers from other journals that aren't named?

I manage to read many papers from various journals if I use the highlighted option but I find that sometimes it just doesn't read the text, is there are fix or explanation for this?
many thanks

Tal Ben-Ezra

Jan 28, 2021

Not working at all

same problem as mandy - nothing works except the pop up window - no option to click anything and i have refreshed my browser

Mandy Mountain

Oct 5, 2020

Not working

No part of this app is working at all except that the pop up window appears when I click on the icon on my browser. It does not speak, the buttons do not react, nothing. Please help.

Andrea Salinas

Oct 3, 2020

Features Not Working

All the female voices in english are not working, they all sound like the default male voice

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