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Gabriel Orville

Apr 3, 2023

Extension stuck at loading

When I open a new tab to see my bookmarks, a message is shown that says "Updating to latest version". I went to the web store to update it, once I clicked the proper buttons the page prompted positively. Opened a new tab, still the same problem. Then I went to the official website and it seems to be down for maintenance. Is there a date we can look forward to?

Alexandra Chavarria

Apr 3, 2023

offline for maintenance

hi, i cant acces to my papaly. it is wrote "offline for maintenance" and it has been more than 3 days. can you help me, i really need to acces to my things


Nov 18, 2022

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Jan 12, 2022

uninstall extensions

I have installed the extension, only it cannot be found. How can I delete it. All standard ways to uninstall extensions do not work

Heidy Hernández

Aug 9, 2021

No puedo acceder a mi cuenta de Papaly que cree por medio de Facebook

No puedo entrar a mi cuenta de Papaly. Cree mi usuario con mi cuenta de Facebook, nada ha cambiado en mi configuración pero no puedo ingresar me dice que no es valido y no se que hacer. No quiero una cuenta nueva solo quiero recuperar mis tableros

Luba Kolchunova

Jul 21, 2021

can't install papaly to my chrome

on the website i clicked to the button "download papaly" and nothin changed
So i can't install app into the chrome. please help

Vivek Singh

Oct 9, 2018

Papaly Not Working!

Are you bringing the service back online? It is highly uprofessional for you to pull the plug on this without giving any warning to your thousands of users.

Axel Cobelo

Oct 8, 2018

extension not working

it keeps updating for ever

Zvi Twersky

Oct 6, 2018

Restore bookmarks

Papaly stopped working and I have HUNDREDS of important bookmarks that I must have! How can I restore them? PLEASE!


Oct 6, 2018

Please give our links back!

At least in the form of doc or something,
all our links are gone. really?

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