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Cytologie Formation

Oct 6, 2020


Hi there
Panopticlone is amazing and thank you for your help.
There is an issue with some videos .
All mp4 videos are downloaded correctly but it is not the case of m3u8 ones which are downloaded as a less than 1 mega files

Omer Sharon

Apr 9, 2020

Panopticlone downloads lectures as m3u8

I'm really excited because this is the first app that I found which allowed me to download lectures from Panopto, but the problem is that it downloads them as m3u8 files which I can't open nor convert.
How can I solve this?
Thanks in advance :)

Vijay Velpula

Aug 18, 2018

Not Downloading!!

I have installed this extension in the chrome of Mac.

Upon clicking download after going to videos folder of panopto url, It just shows a popup saying downloading but it actually does not downloading!!

Tom Smith

Aug 6, 2018

Download Fails Chrome

On chrome when downloading a video the save file dialogue pops up, but the file ever downloads with chrome giving the error "Failed - no file". This has been tried in all folders with no success on any.

Build Bridges

Mar 21, 2018


Nothing is downloading, when i open the extension i get a small blank white box.

Silva Novatcheva

Feb 6, 2018

"Failed Download"

Error states that "File does not exist."

I'm in the panopto folder, exactly as shown in the video tutorial. The plugin sees all the videos, and there's the drop down menu where I can select which to download. The actual problem is that when I press download, it tells me that the file doesn't exist.

Anyone know how to fix this?

A Chrome Web Store user

Sep 4, 2016

nothing happened after clicking

when I visited, I saw the list. But after I clicked "Download", nothing happened.

Elizabeth McAndrew

Jan 27, 2016

Failed - Server Problem

All recent videos have had an error in downloading. "Failed - Server Problem".

What can I do?

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